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Nov 2018 - IDC Survey Spotlight - Doc # US44442518

Optimizing Opportunities for Public and Private Clouds with Managed Cloud Services

By: David TapperProgram Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services

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This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights results from the following question posed to 1,500 respondents with 1,000+ employees across 6 countries, and several major industries, as part of IDC's 2018 Managed CloudView Survey: "Please select which type of IaaS cloud (private versus public) you would prefer using to achieve the following results as part of a managed cloud service." This IDC Survey Spotlight then assesses the lack of alignment across private and public cloud requirements for managed cloud services involving key business objectives and critical requirements and then discusses the need for managed SPs to develop a portfolio approach for managed cloud services across private and public usage involving key market segments. This should be used in conjunction with the analysis from IDC's Managed CloudView 2018: Executive Summary.


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Infrastructure as a service, Private cloud services, Public cloud services

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