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Dec 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44524418

A Call to Rethink Decision Support Software Capabilities: Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Era of AI

By: Dan VessetGroup Vice President, Analytics and Information Management, Chandana GopalResearch Director, Business Analytics


This IDC Perspective discusses the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business intelligence and analytics (BIA) solutions.

Over the past four decades, majority of BIA software has been developed and deployed by not viewing decision making as a process and by equating decision making with information delivery. Most of the traditional BIA software solutions do not provide support for all the activities of the decision-making process, thus leaving analysts to rely in substandard information and personal experience. There are several opportunities to start benefiting from AI functionality within BIA software by using the former to automate specific tasks across the set of decision support activities and by applying AI to monitoring of decision-making processes.

"To help enterprises evaluate a new generation of business intelligence and analytics software solutions, we are presenting this IDC Perspective about the role of artificial intelligence in BIA. Our framework can serve as a basis for assessing the ability of software to automate specific tasks and activities within the overall decision support process," said Dan Vesset, group VP, Analytics and Information Management.



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