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Jan 2017 - Web Conference - Doc # WC20170111

Worldwide IoT Spending Guide Review


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Authors: Milan Kalal, Andrea Siviero, Marcus Torchia, Nigel Wallis


This IDC Web Conference provides a global market view of the Internet of Things (IoT) through 2020. Few growth markets give enterprises and consumers an ability to create, innovate, and problem solve through technology like the Internet of Things. With IoT technology adoption underway from developing new management systems to leveraging historical operational data, we provide a global market view of the Internet of Things through 2020 and review the 2016 Worldwide Semiannual IoT Spending Guide.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about global regional IoT market performance through 2020
  • Understand the industries driving IoT regional spending
  • Attain a perspective on differences in enterprise and consumer IoT spending
  • Identify market segments where your technology is realizing higher adoption rates
  • Get exposed to the latest regional survey data on IoT adoption


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