10 Sep 2019

Tricor Group Wins 2019 Digital Transformer at the 3rd Annual 2019 IDC Digital Transformation Awards Hong Kong

Tricor Group and five other companies also recognized by IDC for excellence in their digital transformation (DX) efforts

HONG KONG, September 10th, 2019 – IDC announced today the Hong Kong winners of the third IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) 2019 and named Tricor Group, the 2019 Digital Transformer for Hong Kong. Now on its third year, IDC’s DX Awards honors the achievements of organizations that have successfully digitalized one or multiple areas of their business through the application of digital and disruptive technologies. Other winners include: China Citic Bank International, First Shanghai Group, Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hung Hing Printing Group Limited, who all distinguished themselves for their discernible and measurable excellence in their digital transformation (DX) efforts across the five DX masteries and significant efforts to transform or disrupt the market.

Figure1. 2019 Hong Kong IDC Digital Transformation Awards Winners

“In 2019, the market has reached a point where organizations are rethinking DX and are looking to realize value from their digital projects and maturity. The winners of the IDC DX Awards in Hong Kong show laser focus on applying digital technologies to reinvent customer engagement, intelligence, operations, leadership and address the future of work,” says Daniel-Zoe Jimenez, Associate Vice President, Head Digital Transformation, Future Enterprise & SMB, IDC Asia/Pacific.

“While many of these organizations are still working on reshaping their digital strategies, setting appropriate metrics, and integrating technologies for scale, the pace of digital transformation projects in Hong Kong continues to accelerate. These organizations demonstrate excellence and continuous progress in the application of digital technologies to transform their businesses and become more competitive,” added Jimenez.

These are the winners of the 2019 Hong Kong IDC Digital Transformation Awards, and the outstanding digital transformation initiatives that distinguished them:

  • Tricor Group Digital Transformation by Tricor Group named as 2019 Digital Transformer for Hong Kong:

Tricor, Asia’s leading business expansion specialist, has embarked on a digital transformation journey in Hong Kong under the leadership of its CEO and Head of Transformation. Tricor’s digital transformation strategic imperative is to solidify the firm’s leading position in Hong Kong, introduce new ways of engaging customers, and optimize operational performance. To achieve Tricor’s core digital transformation objectives, Tricor formulated a transformation blueprint for the business, introduced new digital technologies and implemented a data-driven culture. Notable initiatives include deployment of a new client portal, robotic process automation, machine learning, core platform upgrades, and data analytics. The introduction of new data analytics tools and cloud platforms promotes a data-driven decision-making culture. In driving customer engagement and operational excellence, Tricor HK has achieved significant revenue growth using the expanded capacity of a highly efficient workforce.

  • inMotion by China CITIC Bank International named 2019 Information Visionary for Hong Kong:

China CITIC Bank International (“CNCBI”) launched its flagship mobile banking platform inMotion in March 2018. Riding on the power of AI, inMotion allows customers to open an account remotely in as little as 15 minutes anytime anywhere without the need for a branch visit, address proof or signature, breaking new ground in banking in Hong Kong. In February 2019, CNCBI made history in Hong Kong again with the launch of the city’s first truly virtual credit card “Motion Virtual Credit Card” in addition to full-function securities trading service “inVest” and life insurance purchase services. This expanding service portfolio provides customers a comprehensive virtual banking experience. With a view to becoming an innovative trendsetting brand in the industry, CNCBI shall continue to explore new innovative services that bring banking to customers’ fingertips.

  • CastApp – A Staff Engagement Application by Hong Kong Disneyland named as 2019 Talent Accelerator for Hong Kong:

In 2018, the resort’s technology team created CastApp, a staff engagement application which allows over 7,500 Hong Kong Disneyland staff more efficient access to work-related information and tools. CastApp was created out of a need to provide staff a way to stay connected, anytime, anywhere and offer a better solution to traditional internal communication channels such as emails, notice boards, and paper forms. Since the resort operates 24/7, creating the need for faster direct communication was important, especially during emergency situations such as typhoons. Since its launch, CastApp has proven to be an effective and impactful technology tool for Hong Kong Disneyland's business, greatly reducing the workload of Human Resources and the IT Helpdesk, replacing the need for various paper forms and reducing inquiry response time. Analytical data is also being collected for future system upgrades.

  • Hang Seng Business Banking Digital Engagement Platform Transformation by Hang Seng Bank named as 2019 Omni Experience Innovator for Hong Kong:

Hang Seng Bank has embarked on a journey to transform its business banking digital engagement platform. Designed for agility and flexibility, the bank has upgraded its digital platform, enabling the personalization of end-to-end, omni-channel services for customers. Hang Seng leveraged advanced channel management, digital analytics, and cognitive technology in its transformation, moving to a user-centric engagement design. Inspired by entrepreneurs and young business owners, the bank redesigned its information architecture for a more streamlined access to relevant, actionable information. The platform also hosts chatbot ‘BERI’ (Business | Efficient | Responsive | Interactive), an AI-powered virtual assistant in the market to address customer inquiries and authenticated banking services 24/7 using natural language processing. With embedded digital analytics and self-service design, the platform is set up for continuous innovation beyond implementation—representing the bank's commitment to transform with state-of-the-art technology and execution, exceeding customers’ expectation.

  • Henry Mo, CIO of First Shanghai Group named as 2019 DX Leader for Hong Kong:

IoMT-HC healthcare and clinical operation systems (IoMT-HC) is a digital ecosystem that supports the clinical operations and medical services provision at the newly established International Medical Centre (IMC). Opened in the fourth quarter of 2017 under the leadership of CIO Henry Mo, IMC is the latest venture of First Shanghai Group and the first vertically integrated medical facility in Hong Kong. IoMT-HC involves over 13 different digital systems to support the operation of seven medical specialty centers and various clinics located across a 21-storey building. This digital ecosystem incorporates the latest digital technologies, including IoT, big data, and business intelligence to facilitate both the clinical operations and medical services provision. The success of the IoMT-HC ecosystem is a combination of Mo’s experience, technical knowledge, and effort to collaborate with different business units as well as his technology vision to drive business changes. The IoMT-HC is a demonstration of the new generation of healthcare practice, which provides scientific medical analysis as well as efficient and safe clinical operations.

  • Smart Planning by Hung Hing Printing named as 2019 Operating Model Master for Hong Kong:

Founded in 1950 in Hong Kong, Hung Hing Printing has developed into one of the largest and most trusted printers in Asia, operating over 1,000 production machines in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Vietnam, with 100,000 customer orders each year. Its ability to maximize capacity utilization plays an important role in meeting customer needs, achieving on-time delivery, and maximizing revenue generation. Smart Planning is an Industry 4.0 solution that enables digital practices of a smart factory in driving the next level of operational excellence, dramatically simplifying production planning and scheduling of make-to-order business which comprises many manufacturing and assembly steps. A research-based scheduling engine automatically computes the most optimal schedule based on specifications, delivery date, and priority. Work orders are then assigned and dispatched to the most effective combination of machines and timeframe to produce. Industrial IoT sensors draw real-time data directly from production machines and deliver business insights conveniently to a mobile application. Smart Planning has profoundly transformed the planning process of Hung Hing with its improved capacity utilization enabling the company to take on an additional business of HKD 71 million in 2018.

IDC’s DX Awards follows a two-phased approach to determine the country and regional winners. Each nomination is evaluated by a local and regional IDC analyst against a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s DX taxonomy.

All the winning Hong Kong digital transformation projects were selected as part of over 1000 high-quality entries received from end-user organizations across Asia/Pacific. All the country winners will qualify as one of IDC’s finalists for the regional awards, where they will be benchmarked against other winners in the same category to ultimately determine the region’s best of the best.

The regional awarding ceremony will take place during IDC’s Digital Transformation Summit in Singapore happening on 23rd - 24th of October 2019 at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. For more information on the awards and judging criteria, please visit the IDC DX awards website www.idcdxawards.com

IDC defines Digital Transformation (DX) as the approach where organizations drive changes in their business models and business ecosystems by leveraging digital technologies (e.g. Cloud, Mobile, Big Data/Analytics, Social and IoT) and competencies. Business ecosystems are comprised of customers, partners, competitors and the business itself, along with its business and regulatory environment. To learn more about IDC’s Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation Strategies and research, visit HERE

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