07 Oct 2019

SATS wins 2019 Digital Transformer at the 3rd Annual IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) Singapore

SATS and eight other companies also recognized by IDC for excellence in their digital transformation (DX) efforts

SINGAPORE, October 8th, 2019 – IDC announced today the Singapore winners of the third IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) 2019 and named SATS, the 2019 Digital Transformer for Singapore. Now on its third year, IDC’s DX Awards honors the achievements of organizations that have successfully digitalized one or multiple areas of their business through the application of digital and disruptive technologies. Other winners include AI Singapore; Citi; Coda Payments; Chan Cheow Hoe of Government Technology Agency of Singapore; P&G Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa; United Overseas Bank; Sembcorp; and Zuellig Pharma, who all distinguished themselves for their discernible and measurable excellence in their digital transformation (DX) efforts across the five DX masteries and significant efforts to transform or disrupt the market.

Figure1. 2019 Singapore IDC Digital Transformation Awards Winners

“Over the year, we have seen the pace of DX acceleration heightened. Digital disruption is intensifying in every industry. Unlike in the past where the primary source of digital disruption was from startups and born “in the cloud” companies, today, industry incumbent brands (the so-called traditional companies) are investing in DX with a primary intention to disrupt the marketplace. These organizations are collaborating with others to create new markets and disrupt status quo. The race in individual transformations of industries is creating new digital economies. This reinvention has therefore created a new benchmark – the Future Enterprise. The Future Enterprise is IDC’s vision for how firms must organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally centric markets. It provides organizations a basis for assessing the journey to an end state that incorporates agility, empathy, intelligence, resiliency, and empowerment at scale,” says Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group at IDC Asia/Pacific

These are the winners of the 2019 Singapore IDC Digital Transformation Awards, and the outstanding digital transformation initiatives that distinguished them:

  • Digital Twin Technology by SATS named as 2019 Digital Transformer and Omni-Experience Innovator for Singapore:

SATS utilized the digital twin technology for its catering business to simulate various production scenarios and cooking processes for each recipe to optimize the use of the resources in its kitchens. Using this technology, SATS amassed culinary insights and experiences of its chefs digitally – empowering them to reproduce the same recipe every time. Furthermore, the sensors installed provided real-time data that improved response time and effectivity when dealing with all types of scenarios in the kitchen. Finally, simulations directed to improve production lines were ran through comprehensive 3D processes on a virtual environment that enabled better understanding of its impact on operations in all facets. Employing this technology, SATS has improved overall planning productivity by at least 30%.

  • Proactive API Monitoring Platform by Coda Payments named as 2019 Digital Disruptor and Omni-Experience Innovator for Singapore:

Coda Payments interconnected millions of users in emerging markets with hundreds of content providers and payment channels through their Proactive API Monitoring Platform, allowing users with no access to credit/debit cards to purchase content. Even if the platform is very diverse in terms of capacity, network latency, and response time, Coda Payments was able to provide an equitable and seamless experience to its users, regardless of the non-functional requirements of the APIs that each particular transaction flow consumes – ranging from a few thousand to up to 300 thousand transactions per hour during its peak. Moreover, Coda Payments consistently tunes capacity and performance, by monitoring partners' API health, and constantly informing them on variations, measuring and improving its APIs' performance all the way to resource utilization and code level execution.

  • Data Strategy Disruption by P&G Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and eZTracker by Zuellig Pharma named as 2019 Information Visionary for Singapore:

P&G demonstrated their position at the forefront of using digital when they implemented their Data Strategy Disruption using state-of-the-art technologies like Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science to fuel business growth. The technology encompassed holistic consumer, customer, and media end-to-end planning and information-driven models and algorithms to fuel new models to accelerate P&G’s growth and productivity. Furthermore, an in-house Data Center of Excellence has been established with modern Cloud architecture and P&G’s Big Data Lake in Asia Pacific. Complemented by predictive models, extreme data science, and engineering organization, the technology transformed P&G productivity and agility of insights from a monthly to a daily cycle.

Zuellig Pharma harnessed the power of blockchain technology to address counterfeit products, cross-border trading, and product recalls with their mobile-app based solution eZTracker. A massive parallel processing database engine powers the ability for downstream end users to scan barcodes of medicine products through eZTracker. The app empowered anyone with a mobile phone – from patients to healthcare professionals – to be able to trace medicine to its manufacturer and country of origin within seconds. This user-friendly solution catered to the different information requirements of each player in the supply chain – unregistered products detected will trigger automatic alerts to notify manufacturers and Zuellig Pharma on where it was breached.

  • Enterprise Data Strategy & Analytics Transformation by United Overseas Bank (UOB), named as 2019 Information Visionary and Operating Model Master for Singapore:

The UOB enterprise data strategy and analytics transformation program drives the adoption and ongoing use of data and analytics across the Bank for smarter, faster and increased accuracy in decision-making. As part of the program, UOB was able to bring together people with expertise in a wide array of areas to form a multidisciplinary-agile team that focuses on delivering data and analytics solutions; and to establish the Big Data Analytics Centre (BDAC) as a center of excellence to deepen the organization’s capabilities to provide effective business intelligence solutions for functions across the Bank. To cap it off, the Bank has been equipping leaders in key markets with the knowledge and skills to develop local data strategies and to gain local insights with self-service business intelligence tools.

  • Virtual Brain Water by Sembcorp named as 2019 Operating Model Master for Singapore:

As a global leader in providing specialized wastewater treatment solutions, Sembcorp has developed the Virtual Brain Water (VBW) platform – an intelligent operations management system for centralized and automated monitoring and control of its global facilities with a gross water capacity of around 8.7 million per day – to better meet customers’ needs using the latest digital technologies. Several VBW platform capabilities are based on customized data analytics solutions that use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, deployed as Platform-as-a-Service applications for business consumption. Advanced data analytics algorithms consuming real-time data allow Sembcorp to monitor and obtain insights about plant operations and conditions in near real-time, enabling corrective actions more efficiently.

  • AI Apprenticeship Programme by AI Singapore and Citi’s Next Gen Technology Talent Initiative by Citi named as 2019 Talent Accelerator for Singapore:

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) is a 9-month programme where AI Singapore train and groom local Singaporean AI talent in line with the nation’s focus in deepening national capabilities in AI. Employing a two-seven months’ approach: for the first two months, the apprentices deepen their skills in AI/ML, DL, and software engineering skills for model deployment into production; and from the third month onwards, they will complete 10-three week or 15-two week sprints on a real-world AI project from AI Singapore's 100 Experiments (100E) programme – each project is expected to solve real-world business problems, leading to significant productivity gains, costs savings and/or new products and solutions.

Citi’s awareness to transform its operating model resulted in Citi’s Next Gen Technology Talent Initiative, one that is simpler, faster, and essentially mobile, to better attract, engage with, and serve customers. Introduced in 2016, the initiative has the following objectives in mind: reskilling high potential talent in the areas of knowledge and skills; retaining high-performing talent in a tight job market where tech and fintech talent are in demand; and rebooting the skillset and mindset of the wider workforce as Citi pivots towards an agile and mobile-first digital strategy. The resulting operating model required a holistic approach of transformation from within Citi – enhancing the culture of innovation by adopting new ways of working – and enabling Open Banking for customers.

  • Chan Cheow Hoe, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Executive, Government Technology Agency of Singapore, named as 2019 DX Leader for Singapore:

Cheow Hoe played a key role in driving Singapore’s Smart Nation and public sector digital transformation efforts the past few years. As Singapore’s first Government Chief Digital Technology Officer (GCDTO), he spearheaded multiple endeavors for the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) including technology master-planning and development of the Government’s digital infrastructure and capabilities, talent development in information and communication technology and smart systems and multi-disciplinary technology teams in GovTech working on Smart Nation’s Strategic National Projects – National Digital Identity, Smart Nation Sensor Platform and Moments of Life. Cheow Hoe was also the catalyst behind the Singapore Government’s first developers’ conference, STACK, in 2018, which aimed to foster greater co-creation between government, private sector and developers. He is now planning for an expanded STACK in 2020.

IDC’s DX Awards follows a two-phased approach to determine the country and regional winners. Each nomination is evaluated by a local and regional IDC analyst against a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s DX taxonomy.

All the winning Singapore digital transformation projects were selected as part of over 1000 high-quality entries received from end-user organizations across Asia/Pacific. All the country winners will qualify as one of IDC’s finalists for the regional awards, where they will be benchmarked against other winners in the same category to ultimately determine the region’s best of the best.

The regional awarding ceremony will take place during IDC’s Digital Transformation Summit in Singapore happening on 23-24th of October 2019 at the Raffles City Convention Centre. For more information on the awards and judging criteria, please visit the IDC DX awards website www.idcdxawards.com

IDC defines Digital Transformation (DX) as the approach where organizations drive changes in their business models and business ecosystems by leveraging digital technologies (e.g. Cloud, Mobile, Big Data/Analytics, Social and IoT) and competencies. Business ecosystems are comprised of customers, partners, competitors and the business itself, along with its business and regulatory environment. To learn more about IDC’s Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation Strategies and research, visit HERE

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