24 Oct 2019

IDC Asia/Pacific Reveals the 14 Outstanding Organizations in Digital Transformation led by the 2019 Digital Trailblazer and Omni-Experience Innovator SATS and 2019 Digital Transformer AirAsia

Coda Payments and Gojek Indonesia win “Digital Disruptor of the Year”.

SINGAPORE, October 24th, 2019 – IDC recognized the 14 winning organizations who outlasted 620 others and more than 1170 project nominations across Asia/Pacific at the 2019 IDC Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) and Summit earlier tonight at the Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore. SATS was awarded as 2019 Digital Trailblazer and Omni-Experience Innovator, distinguishing themselves for their distinct and measurable excellence across the five DX masteries especially customer experience. In addition, Coda Payments and Gojek Indonesia were named as the 2019 Digital Disruptor, and AirAsia as the 2019 Digital Transformer.

Other honorable Asia/Pacific winners include: Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat from KMITL – 2019 DX Leader; Kyobo Life Insurance Co, LTD, P&G Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Zuellig Pharma – 2019 Information Visionary; China Construction Bank, Domino’s Pizza and SATS – 2019 Omni-Experience Innovator; Citi and Hong Kong Disneyland– 2019 Talent Accelerator; L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering LTD and Hung Hing Printing – 2019 Operating Model Master.

IDC DXa showcases the exceptional feat of leading-edge organizations that have significantly disrupted or made critical breakthroughs in their respective industries through their digital transformation (DX) efforts in the region. This year’s awards shattered its previous record of project nominations and participating organizations, a clear indication of the growing DX maturity each year in Asia/Pacific.

“2019 was the inflection point for DX. It was the very first time where at least 60% of the top 5 brands per industry have made it their number one priority to disrupt the markets they play in through DX. Digital disruption is no longer the playground for just startups and unicorns. This marks the beginning of a new era, DX 2.0. In this era, we see a new DX gold benchmark, and this is what IDC calls “The Future Enterprise”. The regional DXa winners are organizations that have made the first steps towards becoming “The Future Enterprise”. These organizations along with their progressive DX peers will need to accelerate their momentum to create significant organizational value in the digital economy,” says Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group at IDC Asia/Pacific.

Figure 1: Presenting the Regional winners of IDC DXA 2019 (from left to right in no order of preference): China Construction Bank; P&G Asia/Pacific Middle East & Africa, AirAsia Group’s CEO Tony Fernandes; King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL); GOJEK Indonesia; Citi; L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd; IDC Managing Director for Asia/Pacific, Eva Au; IDC Group Vice President for Practice Research, Sandra Ng; IDC Chief Research Officer, Meredith Whalen; SATS; Domino’s Pizza; Coda Payments; Hong Kong Disneyland; Kyobo Life Insurance Co. Ltd; and Shinhan Bank.

The 2019 Asia/Pacific winners of the IDC DX Awards, and their outstanding DX initiatives that distinguished them are:

• Digital Twin Technology by SATS named as the 2019 Digital Trailblazer and Omni-Experience Innovator

SATS utilizes the digital twin technology for its catering business to simulate various production scenarios and cooking processes for each recipe to optimize the use of the resources in its kitchens. Using this technology, SATS accumulates culinary insights and experiences of its chefs digitally – empowering them to reproduce the same recipe every time. Furthermore, the sensors installed provides real-time data that improves response time and effectivity when dealing with all types of scenarios in the kitchen. Finally, simulations directed to improve production lines are run through comprehensive 3D processes on a virtual environment that enables better understanding of its impact on operations in all facets. Employing this technology, SATS has improved overall planning productivity by at least 30%.

• Proactive API Monitoring Platform by Coda Payments and Impacting a Nation with Cloud by GOJEK Indonesia named as the 2019 Digital Disruptor

Coda Payments interconnects millions of users in emerging markets with hundreds of content providers and payment channels through their Proactive API Monitoring Platform, allowing users with no access to credit/debit cards to purchase content. Even if the platform is very diverse in terms of capacity, network latency, and response time, Coda Payments is able to provide an equitable and seamless experience to its users, regardless of the non-functional requirements of the APIs that each particular transaction flow consumes – ranging from a few thousand to up to 300 thousand transactions per hour during its peak. Moreover, Coda Payments consistently tunes capacity and performance, by monitoring partners' API health, and constantly informing them on variations, measuring and improving its APIs' performance all the way to resource utilization and code level execution.

GOJEK Indonesia has disrupted the transportation industry by bundling ride-hailing, food delivery, and grocery shopping in a unified system as a premier on-demand multiservice platform. Operating in 167 cities and districts, it deploys over 1 million motorcycle drivers and provides them with optimized routes to service its 2.5 million customers. Through a cloud-based solution, GOJEK Indonesia captures and analyzes 5TB of data every day – matches the drivers with corresponding requests as quickly and as accurately as possible – and leverages this information to inform drivers about locations with strong consumer demand, whether it’s transporting a person or delivering a food item. But beyond being a business, it has supported upward economic mobility for thousands of Indonesians. GOJEK Indonesia utilized big data analytics to demand forecast and enforce a data-driven culture, dynamic decision-making, and future-ready operations to its ecosystem, to understand the unique demands of customers from different markets.

• AirAsia Digital Airline Program by AirAsia named as the 2019 Digital Transformer

With their ambition to maintain competitive advantage as a leading low-cost airline in the ASEAN region and remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry utilizing digital technologies, AirAsia implemented the AirAsia Digital Airline Program. Having a data-first culture – centered on delivering relevant and personalized experiences to its customers – AirAsia was able to: analyze 500 million passengers’ behavior to derive accurate insights quickly to identify opportunities through big data analytics and machine learning; use predictive technology employing complex algorithms to project demand for ancillary products (baggage, seats, meals) to optimize pricing; employ an enterprise-wide cloud-based platform that improved collaboration across business units, automated processes, and created custom reports. Finally, AirAsia was able to reduce costs by as much as 10%, and increase revenue streams, in just over a year of implementing the program.

• Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) named as the 2019 DX Leader

KMITL was able to realize the fundamental steps towards its vision to bring the university into the Education 4.0 era under the leadership of its president Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat. KMITL was able to offer new degree programs such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineering – through collaborations with institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, BHMS Switzerland, and Robert Gordon University UK – and a new Faculty of Medicine, with the mission to empower students with courses that are relevant and aligned to the latest in technology, and equip them with the ability to use digital innovation in driving the economy. Furthermore, Dr. Suwansawat has also launched the NEXT KMITL, a project that aims to transform KMITL into a top-ten ASEAN university by 2020 through a Digital University initiative comprising self-service channels, electronic office systems & connected campus, and digital education platforms.

• AI Underwriter, BARO by Kyobo Life Insurance Co, LTD, Data Strategy Disruption by P&G Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Big Data Visual Analytics Platform Deployment by Shinhan Bank and eZTracker by Zuellig Pharma named as 2019 Information Visionary:

Kyobo Life Insurance launched The Best Analysis and Rapid Outcome (BARO), a real-time AI underwriting system aimed to improve underwriters’ working system and augment client satisfaction. BARO supports insurance product decision making with a systemized underwriters’ thinking process, models that reflects factors to consider in assessing applications, and inclusion of five key references that sales teams can easily check. By producing instant results, which were then evaluated by underwriters, sales consultants can accelerate & increase their sales, and focus on customer service. Kyobo Life Insurance significantly improved review period of applications – with a number approved immediately – and processed over 400,00 inquiries in just two years, with BARO resolving more than half that significantly reduced the workload of underwriters.

P&G demonstrated their position at the forefront of using digital when they implemented their Data Strategy Disruption using state-of-the-art technologies like Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science to fuel business growth. The technology encompasses holistic consumer, customer, and media end-to-end planning and information-driven models and algorithms to fuel new models to accelerate P&G’s growth and productivity. Furthermore, an in-house Data Center of Excellence has been established with modern Cloud architecture and P&G’s Big Data Lake in Asia Pacific. Complemented by predictive models, extreme data science, and engineering organization, the technology transforms P&G productivity and agility of insights from a monthly to a daily cycle.

Shinhan Bank revamped its infrastructure to gain a better understanding of internal and external data points, acknowledging the role of data-driven curation as a key driver for customer retention and continued business growth. Led by a big data center, it created a visualization analysis tool that allows employees – from project owners to decision makers – to access meaningful, value-adding insights from data to generate new ideas, and address issues on customer service, product and service development, sales, and risk management. Aside from its dashboard and custom reports, the platform became integral in transforming Shihan Bank’s work culture to a real-time and data-directed collaborative environment. As a result, report generation time was cut by 83%, multidimensional reports were produced, and average time spent on creating analysis reports was shortened from one month to one week.

Zuellig Pharma harnesses the power of blockchain technology to address counterfeit products, cross-border trading, and product recalls with their mobile-app based solution eZTracker. A massive parallel processing database engine powers the ability for downstream end users to scan barcodes of medicine products through eZTracker. The app empowers anyone with a mobile phone – from patients to healthcare professionals – to be able to trace medicine to its manufacturer and country of origin within seconds. This user-friendly solution caters to the different information requirements of each player in the supply chain – unregistered products detected will trigger automatic alerts to notify manufacturers and Zuellig Pharma on where it was breached.

• CCB’s Financial Service Robot Based on ‘Financial Intelligence Brain’ by China Construction Bank and New Pizza Chef with Augmented Reality by Domino’s Pizza named as 2019 Omni-Experience Innovator:

With their desire to reconstruct existing business processes and management methods, build smart banking capabilities, and redefine its image as a bank for the digital economy, China Construction Bank (CCB) developed the Financial Service Robot based on the ‘Financial Intelligence Brain’. Utilizing technologies such as knowledge mapping, artificial intelligence and data mining among others, CCB built a universal service and marketing system driven by the combination of human and artificial intelligence. The bank's new "Smart CCB" service model was built on a new method of 'online + offline' intelligent full coverage that sorts out 10 types of business consulting scenarios for CCB robots, resulting to thousands of new scenarios, undertaking 35% of the banking services and increasing the number of successful self-service transactions by 42%.

Domino’s New Pizza Chef uses augmented reality (AR) technology to allow customers to create their favorite pizza – choosing from all of Domino’s toppings, creating billions of possible combinations – and experience it on their mobile devices, a world first for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.The AR innovation is just one of many digital technology investments Domino’s has made in its bid to better engage customers. Other capabilities in recent years include Liza Pizza Tracker, OnTime Cooking, its GPS Driver Tracker technology, and its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered delivery robot, DRU. The New Pizza Chef was launched for the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market after trials of a prototype with customers, showing the organization's commitment to delivering the desired customer experience.

• Citi’s Next Gen Technology Talent Initiative by Citi and CastApp by Hong Kong Disneyland named as 2019 Talent Accelerator:

Citi’s awareness to transform its operating model resulted in Citi’s Next Gen Technology Talent Initiative, one that is simpler, faster, and essentially mobile, to better attract, engage with, and serve customers. Introduced in 2016, the initiative has the following objectives in mind: reskilling high potential talent in the areas of knowledge and skills; retaining high-performing talent in a tight job market where tech and fintech talent are in demand; and rebooting the skillset and mindset of the wider workforce as Citi pivots towards an agile and mobile-first digital strategy. The resulting operating model required a holistic approach of transformation from within Citi – enhancing the culture of innovation by adopting new ways of working – and enabling Open Banking for customers.

The Hong Kong Disneyland’s technology team created CastApp, a staff engagement application which allows over 7,500 personnel to efficiently access work-related information & tools, and to stay connected, anytime, anywhere. Given that the resort operates 24/7, a faster direct communication is important, especially during emergency situations such as typhoons. Since its launch, CastApp has proven to be an effective and impactful technology tool for Hong Kong Disneyland's business, greatly reducing the workload of Human Resources and the IT Helpdesk, reducing inquiry response time and enables data collection for analytics for future system upgrades.

• Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering LTD named as 2019 Operating Model Master:

RTMS of L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering LTD focuses on 'Zero Hazards' as an operating model of digitalization ecosystem to ensure safety of workmen at challenging oil and gas platforms. The project makes use of smart wearables for workers and a smart activity tracker for Project Management Solutions to ensure safety and productivity – introducing digital transformation in existing legacy manual processes in the hydrocarbon industry. The integrated solution is built on Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), data analytics, and cloud technologies.

IDC’s DX Awards (DXa) follows a two-phased approach to determine the country and regional winners. Each nomination was evaluated by a local and regional IDC analyst utilizing a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s DX taxonomy. All the winning digital transformation projects were selected as part of over 1170 exceptional entries across Asia/Pacific. Country winners were benchmarked against other winners in the same category to arrive as the regional DXa winners. Led by a reputable panel of judges comprised of IDC Worldwide analysts, industry thought leaders, and members of the academia, the process ultimately determined Asia/Pacific’s best of the best in DX.

The 2019 DXa winners were also featured in parallel sessions at the IDC DX Summit and Awards, which also showcased a keynote from IDC’s Chief Research Officer Meredith Whalen, who revealed the nine elements Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) should focus on to take advantage of this digital economy. IDC’s DX Summit also included innovation tours for local and overseas delegates, and digital playgrounds to showcase solutions and services that can help other organizations become a Future Enterprise.

For more information on the awards and judging criteria, please visit the IDC DX Awards website here where you can also find the nominations for the 2020 DX Awards in February.

For media inquiries, contact Tessa Rago trago@idc.com or Alvin Afuang aafuang@idc.com.

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