05 Nov 2019

Unlocking the Future Enterprise in the Digital Economy: IDC Unveils Asia/Pacific* Strategic Technology Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

IDC predicts that by 2022, the digital economy will go mainstream with at least 50% of Asia/Pacific* GDP coming from digital products and services

SINGAPORE, November 6th, 2019 – IDC announced today its top technology predictions for Asia/Pacific* at IDC Asia/Pacific FutureScapes 2020, held at the Chijmes Hall Singapore. IDC FutureScapes is where IDC unveils its top 10 predictions for ICT and industries for the next 36 months. With greater clarity about what the Future Enterprise will look like and what it will take to compete in redefined industries, laser focus is evident on applying digital technologies to address the future of work, customer engagement, intelligence, operations, and leadership.

“Future Enterprise (FE) is IDC's vision for how firms must organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally-centric markets. The future enterprise essentially comprises of five distinctive and interrelated dimensions - future of culture, future of customers, future of intelligence, future of operations and future of work,” says Sandra Ng, Group Vice President for ICT Research at IDC Asia/Pacific.

IDC predicts that by 2022, the digital economy will go mainstream with at least 50% of Asia/Pacific GDP coming from digital products and services, making it imperative of organizations to have competitive differentiation through new ways of thinking in their Future Enterprise journey.

IDC FutureScapes 2020 will provide organizations with forward directions on where priorities will need to be made to achieve the Future Enterprise masteries. According to Ng, the top predictions that will impact both technology buyers and suppliers in Asia/Pacific* in the next 36 months are:

#1: Digital Co-Innovation: By 2022, empathy among brands and for customers, will drive ecosystem collaboration and co-innovation among partners and competitors that will drive 20% collective growth in customer lifetime value.

#2: Digital Innovation Factories: By 2025, more than half of A2000 enterprises will be prolific software producers with code deployed daily, over 90% of new apps cloud native, 50% of code externally sourced and 1.5 times more developers.

#3: IT Transformation: By 2022, 50% of IT organizations will have transitioned from builders and operators to designers and integrators of digital solutions that come to define every product, service or process.

#4: Ecosystem force Multipliers: By 2024, 70% of digital leaders devise and differentiate end-customer value measures from their platform ecosystem participation, including an estimate of the ecosystem multiplier effects.

#5: AI at Scale: By 2022, with proactive, hyper-speed operational changes and market reactions, AI-powered organizations will respond to customers, competitors, regulators, and partners at least 1/3 faster than their peers.

#6: IT strategy: By 2024, the IT strategy for 80% of digitally advanced organization will evolve to a broad, flexible, self-service mashup of digital tools to replace the ‘walled-garden’ IT-as-an-Enabler model.

#7: Digitally enhanced workers: By 2021, new Future of Work practices expand the functionality and effectiveness of the digital workforce by 30%, fueling an acceleration of productivity and innovation at practicing organizations.

#8: Digital offerings: By 2023, 50% of organizations will neglect investing in market-driven operations and those companies will lose market share to existing competitors that made the investments, as well as to new digital market entries.

#9: Edge build-out: By 2023, over 30% of new enterprise IT infrastructure deployed will be at the edge rather than corporate datacenters, up from less than 10% today; by 2024, the number of apps at the edge will increase by 700%.

#10: Platforms modernize: Driven both by escalating cyber threats and needed new functionality, 65% of organizations will aggressively modernize legacy systems with extensive new technology platform investments through 2023.

“2020 is the year where we will see the emergence of a new breed of digital disruptors. These digital disruptors were traditional brands which have either successfully transformed to the advanced stages of Future Enterprise (aka DX 2.0) maturity or are determined to accelerate in their Future Enterprise journeys. IDC predicts that by 2024, leaders in 50% of the top 2,000 Asia-based organizations will have mastered "future of culture" traits such as empathy, empowerment, innovation and customer-and data-centricity to achieve leadership at scale,” ends Ng.

This year’s top strategic predictions address the new CEO agenda, which ensures to guide CEO’s, key decision makers, and technology suppliers to meet the demand of the digital economy. To learn more about how IDC expects the digital economy to reshape the CEO’s agenda and what CEOs will need to do to complete their organization’s digital transformation, please read HERE

These strategic predictions for the Asia/Pacific* market are presented in full in the following reports: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2020 Predictions - APeJ Implications; IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation (DX) 2020 Predictions - APeJ Implications; IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2019 Predictions - APeJ Implications.

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Notes: Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ)

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