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Publication date: 18 Oct 2022

IDC Announces Hong Kong Winners of the Future Enterprise Awards 2022


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Airport Authority Hong Kong, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Blue Insurance Hong Kong, Cathay, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, eSmarthealth Limited, HKT, Hospital Authority, McDonald's Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank recognized for their exceptional digital innovations and leadership.

HONG KONG, 19 October, 2022 – IDC Asia/Pacific announced today that McDonald’s Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s Future Enterprise of the Year winner in the Future Enterprise Awards 2022 Hong Kong. Kevin Cai of Hospital Authority was also named as CIO of the Year.

“The ongoing shift toward digital-first business models is apparent with a rapidly growing number of organizations using technology to compete, grow digital revenue, and disrupt the marketplace with new digital innovations. Market leaders in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia Pacific region are aggressively accelerating their pursuit of a digital-first strategy and focused on deriving business value from their investments to thrive in the digital-first world,” says Daniel-Zoe Jimenez, Vice President for Digital Innovation, CX & SW Applications, DNB and SMB Research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Now on its sixth year, the Future Enterprise Awards honors pioneering organizations and leaders who have transitioned from merely transforming their business to adapt to today’s challenges and disruptions into becoming a truly viable digital business which is the steppingstone towards becoming a real future enterprise. IDC defines a future enterprise as an enterprise that fosters a digital-first culture, leverages industry ecosystems, generates profitable revenue growth from empathetic customer experiences, demonstrates and ability to adapt operating models to complex customer requirements, and are enabled by an intelligent, empowered, and agile workforce.

Joining McDonald’s Hong Kong and Hospital Authority as winners in the Future Enterprise Awards 2022 Hong Kong are Airport Authority Hong Kong, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Blue Insurance Hong Kong, Cathay, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, eSmarthealth Limited, HKT, and Standard Chartered Bank.

These organizations asserted their leadership in a digital-first world. They displayed exceptional planning and implementation of their digital-first initiatives according to IDC’s Future Enterprise benchmark categories, as shown in the recap below:

DrGo by eSmarthealth Limited | Best in Future of Connectedness:

DrGo is a one-stop integrated medical and healthcare technology platform in Hong Kong launched by eSmartHealth. Partnering with various medical partners, DrGo enables users to enjoy a complete medical consultation – ranging from general health and medical advice to chronic disease consultation through smart devices. As pioneer of the first end-to-end seamless service of its kind enabling remote medical video consultation services without physical visits, they have set a new benchmark for digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Through this initiative, DrGo has eliminated 25-30% of commuting and waiting time at hospitals. The launch of DrGo has transformed how HK patients and doctors connect and interact, and influenced practical behaviors and standards under the new normal.

“Segment of One” Hyperpersonalized Customer Engagement by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited | Best in Future of Customer Experience:

As BOCHK navigates the new normal, it has been exploring innovative ways to engage with its customers. Through its “Segment-of-One” Hyper-personalized customer engagement program, it serves customers beyond traditional servicing tiers based on asset value level but based on their individual financial needs, life stage, risk appetite, digital usage, etc.

BOCHK strikes a balance between human and digital connection by leveraging AI, data intelligence, and human interactions to serve customers in the best way, adopting “3C” propositions to customers - Customize, Contact, and Connect. It has ramped up its big data and AI application capabilities to ensure their mobile banking proactively delivers bespoke recommendations to customers' across online and offline channels, and sales tools for front liners at branches. As BOCHK progresses in digitalizing customer experience, "Segment of One" Hyper-personalized customer engagement has become one of its keys to providing the best services for customers.

Blue Insurance Hong Kong Joins Hands with Tencent Cloud to Set the World Standard for Innovation in Digital Insurance by Blue Insurance Hong Kong | Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure: 

Blue partners with cloud-native platforms to optimize FinTech and innovation to continue to set the world standard for innovation in digital insurance. Blue aims to be at the forefront of adopting digital technologies such as e-KYC, dedicated private cloud servers, and customer data platforms using AI and machine learning on big data.

Its “Quote and Buy” customer platform uses cloud to enable a digital straight through processing journey for customers to quote, apply, pay, manage, and claim insurance policies. Since its launch, daily transaction volumes increased by 23%. Blue will continue to be the leading force in insurtech development to address customer pain points, to enable our customers to “Live Easy”.

“My HKG” Mobile App by Airport Authority Hong Kong | Best in Future of Digital Innovation:

"My HKG" mobile app utilises different technologies to facilitate passengers in their whole airport journey, offering features such as AR Wayfinding, real-time departure Queuing Status, instant flight status and notifications, and Free Flight Delay Insurance Program. Augmented Reality (AR) wayfinding provides visualisation of the directions guidance and estimated time to their locations, and Chatbot answers customer enquiries anytime. In addition, Free Flight Delay Insurance Program applies Insurtech and triggers claims when flight delay conditions are met. From the user behavioural data from “My HKG” app, AAHK will keep upgrading the app and work closely with other industries including Travel Tech, Lifestyle Tech, etc. to create an uplifting digital airport experience for passengers.

HKIA Cargo Data Platform by Airport Authority Hong Kong | Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems:

AAHK’s blockchain-based air cargo ecosystem reinforces Hong Kong’s position as the world’s leading air cargo hub. The IATA ONE Record compliant ecosystem addresses the main challenges of the current complex and fragmented operational flow in the air cargo industry. It unlocks the possibilities of a fully digital network by enabling air cargo industry stakeholders of all scales to participate and leverage the platform for operation and communication enhancements. Embedded with smart contracts, this cloud-based solution provides a seamless experience for the community users. This platform connects supply chain partners, streamlines communications, enhances operations efficiency, and enables paper-less operations and cargo journey visibility. Data captured along the process is capitalised into valuable insights. The platform will continue to evolve and transform into a global digital trade ecosystem network.

Cathay's Data-Driven Culture Strategy by Cathay | Best in Future of Intelligence:

Embedding a data-driven culture in its business and using insights to drive decisions across the company has been a key mission for Cathay. To this end, Cathay formed a data lake and data warehouse which covers 15+ domain subject areas composing 16% of the core systems as sources. With quality assurance and governed usage, these large data assets enable data analysts and data scientists in the organization to create added value. Hence, the business can implement actionable insights and make timely and optimized decisions. Cathay facilitates consistent data analytics capabilities by assembling silo data, integrating it into coherent data models, provisioning advanced analytics tools, and enforcing proper data governance. The company’s Digital initiative has given the business greater access to broader linkable data assets – creating competitive advantages in business operations and customer engagement.

CITIC Telecom CPC — AI Cognitive Object Recognition Systems by CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited | Best in Future of Operations: 

CITIC Telecom CPC’s warehousing and engineering teams worked to transform their warehouse inventory management as the previous barcode scanning system had high-cost manual processes that led to repeated procedures and data discrepancies – resulting in time-consuming inventory checks.

Based on CITIC Telecom CPC team’s technological capabilities and analysis of the inventory management process, they developed a Smart Warehouse Solution to replace legacy systems and improve efficiency and accuracy, and reduce cost. The solution rides on the AI-enabled Cognitive Object Recognition (COR) technology that the team built previously. It combines computer vision technology and a self-developed AI platform that allows warehousing staff to conveniently use mobile phones to scan equipment with a mobile app. The system automatically and accurately identifies inventory items - greatly reducing human error and improving warehouse efficiency.

This automation has allowed for HK$2.4 million in cost savings and improved employee efficiency by reducing 89% of staff time.

Quantexa – Trade Finance Risk Management Platform by Standard Chartered Bank | Best in Future of Trust: 

SCB engages external partners to leverage on their cybersecurity surveillance software which harnesses the power of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to provide a holistic solution that empowers the user to investigate and catch perpetrators effectively.

The tool works by consolidating information from multiple systems – thereby simplifying the tasks for investigators and helping them have a better understanding of fund flow, view relationships between entities, and identify hidden linkages that may have been difficult to establish previously.

The trusted software effectively identifies and profiles the data corresponding to Trade Finance, Payments, Customers, Related Parties, and external Third-Party Data which enhances SCB’s ability to detect first-party client fraud and prevent fraud loss of hundreds of millions in USD.

AR & Drone-assisted Field Service Powered by 5G + Edge for Safe Operation by HKT | Best in Future of Work:

HKT launched its “AR & Drone-assisted Field Service Powered by 5G + Edge for Safe Operation" project in three phases. The first phase involved launching our Edge Compute with 5G mobile core network to minimize transmission latency and jitter, resulting in a seamless navigation experience. Next, it introduced a 4K UHD camera on 5G phones for real-time remote expert video assistance. Lastly, it rolled out an end-to-end solution of field service with a “digital assistant” powered by augmented reality (AR) and drone technologies to enhance health and safety, reduce operational risk, and empower scalable training to junior colleagues.

The project saved 30% of the time in operational efficiency of typical field visits. Overall, it has demonstrated the potential of using AR, Drone, 5G, and Edge Computing technologies in enhancing operational efficiency and safety across multiple sectors (e.g. Logistics, Transportation, Public Sector, Utilities, and Manufacturing).

Kevin Cai of Hospital Authority | CIO of the Year:

As CIO, Kevin Cai envisaged and drove the digital transformation of healthcare services through service innovation and modern technology via the formulation of IT Strategy 2017-2022, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

He led the HA IT Division to execute strategies successfully via a series of IT-wide transformations – significantly changing HA IT's ways of working and uplifting organizational capability.  Throughout the transformation, HA IT accelerated product delivery speed by 300%, shortened major system releases from quarterly to bi-weekly, and reduced 85% of IT incidents.  

In addition, there was a quantum leap in HA-wide adoption of new technologies.  As one of the core digital capabilities, Cai formulated the Smart Hospital Strategy to foster close collaboration between business units which contributed to hospital innovation and was well-recognized as a milestone with broad implications.

Enterprise Experience & Efficiency Elevation by McDonald's Hong Kong | Future Enterprise of the Year:

In late 2020, McDonald’s Hong Kong launched its “Accelerating the Arches” growth strategy which builds on the company’s historic strengths, while also addressing opportunities to meet rapidly evolving consumer preferences. This growth strategy is underpinned by the cultivation of a curiosity culture that improves the likelihood of digital transformation success. Digital transactions through apps or kiosks now account for a significant and growing percentage of McDonald’s major market revenue. In addition to driving sales, digital programs enable McDonald’s to elevate customer engagement, measure marketing effectiveness, and forecast future performance. Rooted in the inherent strengths of the McDonald's system and brand, it's proving to be the right strategy with the right focus at the right time.

Country and regional winners of the IDC Future Enterprise Awards were determined following a two-phased approach. Regional and country analysts evaluated each nomination against a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s Future Enterprise taxonomy. All country winners will qualify for the regional competition to be decided by a panel of judges composed of IDC analysts, industry practitioners, thought leaders, and academia around the globe.

The 2022 Future Enterprise Awards Hong Kong winners will compete at the regional finals happening at the highly anticipated in-person event IDC Asia/Pacific DX Summit and Future Enterprise Awards 2022 on October 26, 2022. The event will also be available on-demand in IDC Arena, IDC’s intuitive, data-driven content hub. To join the annual regional DX Summit, please register HERE.




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“The 2022 Future Enterprise Awards showcases innovative organizations that are champions of innovation and digital leadership. These are the future-forward organizations that have delivered strong and sustainable outcomes from their digital-first strategies to compete in a digital-first world,” ends Jimenez.

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