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Publication date: 31 Oct 2023

GAC Group and Mox Bank Limited Awarded the 2023 Future Enterprises of the Year


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IDC announced the Asia/Pacific winners of the 2023 Future Enterprise Awards.

SINGAPORE, 31 October 2023 – In its 7th IDC Future Enterprise Awards (FEA), International Data Corporation recognized the best of the best in the Asia/Pacific region. These winners successfully displayed sustainable and innovative digital transformation to the highest degree. China’s GAC Group and Hong Kong’s Mox Bank Limited received the Future Enterprise of the Year award, while the Philippines’ Manish Bhai of UNO Digital Bank received the CEO of the Year award.

"Congratulations to this year’s Future Enterprise Awards winners! In an environment of economic downturns and societal challenges, these organizations and individuals have set the gold standard of innovation in the digital business era. They are the architects of the future, spearheading long-term growth that transcends the bounds of technology," says Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Digital Transformation has morphed into the Digital Business era amid global economic and social challenges, pushing enterprises to scale new, sustainable digital business models. The IDC Future Enterprise Awards, with over 500+ winners from 5,000+ nominations in the past six years, recognize the pioneers of this new era, especially those with a digital-first approach and tech-driven operating models.

Following a two-phased approach, each nomination is evaluated by IDC analysts, with country winners then qualifying for a regional competition judged by a panel of international experts. The following are the best of the best out of all the local winners from the Asia/Pacific region:

Future Enterprise of the Year | GAC Digital Accelerator (GDA) 1.0 Program by GAC Group | China

Launched in 2020, the GAC Group Digital Accelerator Program 1.0 (GDA 1.0) is a strategic digital transformation initiative. Over three years, it rolled out 130+ projects, leveraging GAC Cloud. The program contributed to the 17 billion RMB in digital economic gains, streamlined automobile finance scaling to 46 billion RMB, and expanded mobile travel users in the Greater Bay Area to 18 million. Additionally, GAC Cloud and the Big Data Platform achieved 3 quadrillion computations per second and 200PB storage capacity.

Future Enterprise of the Year | Mox by Mox Bank Limited | Hong Kong

Mox Bank Limited has set a global benchmark in digital banking from Hong Kong, introducing a cloud-native virtual bank that collaborates with fintech providers. This innovation has facilitated a stable, secure, and rapid release of new features, enhancing customer experiences and banking security.

CEO of the Year | Manish Bhai, UNO Digital Bank | Philippines

Manish Bhai brought UNO Digital Bank to life by being steadfast and aggressive in chasing opportunities to fund, obtain regulatory licensing approvals, and commence bank operations. By the end of May 2023, the UNO mobile app has signed 350,000 customers and UNO Digital Bank has grown from 5 to 110 employees across three offices (Singapore, Manila and Bangalore, India), representing 500 years of combined experience to innovate and bring to life products in its pipeline.

CIO/CDO of the Year | George Wang, Singapore Airlines | Singapore

George Wang's leadership in Singapore Airlines' IT Division has fostered unparalleled innovation. The Organization Climate Survey highlighted a 15-percentage point advantage in innovation culture over Singapore's norm. George's forward-thinking strategies ensure Singapore Airlines remains agile and innovative, setting the stage for future growth.

CIO/CDO of the Year | Jorge Silveira, Virtus Health | Australia

Jorge Silveira led the development of an information security feature for Virtus Health’s Precision Fertility Digital Platform (PFDP) to help preserve the anonymity of biological item donors within the global fertility market while adhering to various legal jurisdiction requirements for the management of donor information. Using Data Capture Experts’ DC2Vue which is equipped with an automated support system that helps to record and process donor and recipient records while adding an additional layer of personalization, PFDP helped gain for Virtus Health unprecedented leaps in patient security and privacy.

CIO/CDO of the Year | Li Cheng Jie, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. | China

Ms. Li Chengjie, Chief Digital Officer of Mengniu Group, has championed the integration of advanced technology in business, leading to transformative results. Mengniu's Smart factory has improved efficiency fourfold, and AI has enhanced forecast accuracy by 75%. Furthermore, the company has established new competitive barriers and drives the second curve of growth. AI-driven consumer service platform has achieved a tenfold boost in efficiency, offering significant value-added services and setting new industry standards.

Best in Future of Connectedness| Advanced Meter Infrastructure on Cloud by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited | Hong Kong

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited has initiated a groundbreaking transition to facilitate Hong Kong's metamorphosis into a Smart City. Their Advanced Meter Infrastructure on Cloud is an essential segment of the smart grid, offering customers detailed, real-time electricity usage information, fostering sustainable community development and setting a new standard in the utility sector.

Best in Future of Customer Experience | CDL Homes Sales (CHS) Suite by City Developments Limited | Singapore

CHS by CDL offers an integrated home-buying experience. Essential during COVID-19, it transitioned the home buying process online, optimizing balloting and leveraging digital technologies like remote signatures. Automating processes minimized errors, making CHS a unique, pioneering developer-led platform in Asia, with insightful sales strategies.

Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure | AIA’s Journey to Modern Digital Infrastructure by AIA | Hong Kong

With the industry-leading cloud adoption rate, AIA is spearheading the digital transformation in the financial sector. Its innovative Technology, Digital, and Analytics program ensures expedited market strategies and superior customer satisfaction, establishing AIA as the pinnacle of modern digital infrastructure.

Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems | Leading Innovation in Filipino MSME Supply Chain Financing by Union Bank of the Philippines | Philippines

UnionBank unveils the groundbreaking Financial Supply Blockchain in the Philippines, facilitating easier credit avenues for MSMEs and vulnerable sectors. Through innovative blockchain technology and a distinctive credit approach, the bank mitigates risks and forges ahead with Supply Chain Financing. By year-end 2023, it aims to encompass nearly 200 supply chain ecosystems and skyrocket MSME loan disbursements to Php1 billion monthly, a substantial leap from its 2021 baseline.

Best in Future of Intelligence | Harnessing BRIBRAIN to Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency of BRI’s Marketing Agents by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk | Indonesia

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia utilizes advanced analytics to bolster the productivity and effectiveness of its marketing agents. The BRIBRAIN system has already seen success, improving agent quality, increasing productivity, and enhancing customer acquisition through targeted, data-driven initiatives, substantially contributing to the bank's growth and reputation.

Best in Future of Operations | RGTSU Digital Transformation (DX) by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) | Malaysia

PETRONAS is spearheading a shift towards market-driven business strategies with RGTSU, fostering business agility through digital innovations. This transformation aims to create sustainable value, promoting seamless integration and innovative approaches that ensure the company's growth and resilience in the energy sector.

Best in Future of Trust | Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense System by New Taipei City Government | Taiwan

In response to escalating cyber threats highlighted in the 2021 Global Risks Reports, the New Taipei City Government has initiated a comprehensive cybersecurity defense framework. This multilayered approach aims to secure the government's data infrastructure and protect citizens in the digital realm. Leveraging people-centric technology, the city is focusing on creating a resilient Smart City. This effort is strengthened by regional cooperation to counter both internal and external cyber threats effectively.

Best in Future of Work | Central Career Metaverse by Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited | Thailand

Central Retail's Career Metaverse transforms recruitment, blending the offline and online realms to offer an innovative and immersive recruiting experience. The platform, complying with international PDPA standards, witnessed a significant surge in traffic and unique applications. This initiative represents a dynamic approach to recruitment, adapting swiftly to market fluctuations and fostering a rich, diverse, and inclusive talent pool.

Special Award for Digital Innovation| Building a cloud system for joint use of information resources by Suwon City Hall | South Korea

Suwon City's cloud-based service has improved work efficiency and collaboration across major public institutions, saving 11.7 billion won and reducing work processing time. The project uses private cloud infrastructure for integrated monitoring and data-driven decision-making. It also strengthened information security through certified products, contributing to scientific decision-making and real-time communication between local governments.

Special Award for Digital Native Business | Digital Bank WeBank Supporting the High-Quality Development of Digital Economy by WeBank Co., Ltd. | China

WeBank Co., Ltd., China's premier digital bank, champions technology-driven innovation. For over eight years, it has prioritized R&D in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data. This technological prowess has enabled WeBank Co., Ltd. to offer specialized financial services to a broad audience, enhancing service efficiency and customer experience while reducing costs and risks. This approach paves the way for sustainable, high-quality inclusive finance. 

Special Award for Digital Resiliency | Project Resilient Horizons by Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd | Taiwan

Taiwan Mobile's Digital Transformation strategy was particularly effective during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on robust information security and global talent distribution, the company safeguarded business continuity and data. One standout feature was the development of "home agent" systems that enabled 700-800 customer service agents to provide uninterrupted service to approximately 7.5 million users. Skill-oriented Centers of Excellence were also established across departments, further enabling seamless collaboration and showcasing the company's innovative and resilient approach to crisis management.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Citizen Wellbeing | myENV Mobile App by National Environment Agency | Singapore

The myENV Mobile App, developed by the National Environment Agency, offers a unified platform integrating information from NEA, PUB, and SFA. This app provides real-time updates on the environment, water services, and food safety, promoting transparency, enabling timely activity planning, and fostering environmental responsibility among citizens.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Connected City | New Taipei City 5G Smart Pole Project by New Taipei City Government | Taiwan

As a pioneer in smart urban development, the New Taipei City Government has taken the initiative to install Taiwan’s first 5G smart poles. This has been achieved through a strategic approach focusing on points, lines, and areas, with completed validation projects near the city hall and other critical urban locations. Governed by newly formulated regulations, the initiative is aimed at broader citywide application, focusing on people-centric, sustainable urban and rural development.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Digital Policies | 119 High-Performance Dispatch System by Taipei City Government | Taiwan

The fire department has revamped its 119 dispatching system to enhance public reporting and emergency rescue services. New features include GIS mapping and SMS-based GPS location assistance for unclear addresses. A cloud-enabled mobile dispatch module operates over 4G networks, and the system integrates open data from various agencies. This comprehensive approach is designed to streamline report reception, case control, and information gathering during emergency and disaster scenarios.

Special Award for Sustainability | Digital and R&D initiatives by ITC Limited, PSPD (Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division) | India

ITC Limited, PSPD, leads the way in adopting a digital culture since 2019. Digitization of data, IoT sensors, and automation in nurseries enhance economic, environmental, and social impact. Mobile apps streamline operations, from sapling bookings to FSC documentation, embracing technology for sustainable practices.

These regional winners have been announced during IDC’s Future Enterprise Summit and Awards at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on 31 October 2023.

"All the nominees, finalists, and winners underscore that technology alone isn’t just the be-all and end-all of our digital journey. In fact, they have showcased a holistic mastery over diverse digital facets – cultivating digital talent, enhancing customer experience, fortifying industry ecosystems, and driving measurable outcomes. This year’s winners exemplify the resilience and the digital maturity across the entire Asia/Pacific region. Thank you for being the digital-first trailblazers that set the benchmarks needed in succeeding in the increasingly complex digital landscape,” ends Ng.

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