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IDC Releases 2017 Global Security Product & Service Predictions


Beijing, February 27, 2016—— By 2021, 50% of online transactions will use biometric authentication, and by 2018, 70% of enterprise cybersecurity environments will use cognitive/AI technologies to assist humans in dealing with the vastly increasing scale and complexity of cyber threats, IDC predicted in its latest forecasts for the global security product and services.

“Cyberspace security will be one of the key boosters of productivity,” James Wang (add hyper link to James English profile here), Senior Research Manager of Market Network Security at IDC China, said. “And it will become increasingly important as people are embracing for the extremely convenient revolutionary lifestyles that Smart City is bringing to them.”

Cyberspace security was a hot topic at the recently-concluded RSA Conference in San Francisco, where cloud security, IoT security, Threat Intelligence Security Service (TISS), artificial intelligence (AI), machine intelligence (MI) and other technology developments were widely discussed, indicating that they will be on high agenda of the global cyberspace security for the next few years.

Below are IDC’s 10 predictions for the global security product and services:

Prediction 1: By 2021, 50% of online transactions will use biometric authentication that's enabled by broad user acceptance, ubiquitous technology infrastructure, and low implementation costs

Prediction 2: By 2019, more than 75% of IoT device manufacturers will improve their security and privacy capabilities, making them more trustworthy partners for technology buyers

Prediction 3: By 2019, 70% of major multinational corporations with roots in the United States and Europe will face significant cybersecurity attacks aimed at disrupting the distribution of commodities

Prediction 4: Over the next two years, 80% of consumers in developed nations will defect from a business because their personally identifiable information is impacted in a security breach

Prediction 5: By 2018, 70% of enterprise cybersecurity environments will use cognitive/AI technologies to assist humans in dealing with the vastly increasing scale and complexity of cyber threats

Prediction 6: By 2017, 50% of enterprise customers will leverage analytics as a service to help solve the challenge of combing through security-related data and events

Prediction 7: By 2020, cloud security gateway functionality will begin to be integrated as part of web service offerings to entice IT leaders to move offerings to the cloud

Prediction 8: By 2020, 30% of U.S. broadband homes will have at least one IP-Enabled home automation or security monitoring sensor/device

Prediction 9: By 2020, over 80% of enterprises worldwide will invest in incident response retainers

Prediction 10: By 2020, more than 25% of enterprises will secure their IT architectures through cloud, hosted, or SaaS security services

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