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14 Aug 2019

IDC Presents IDC Innovators Certificates to 15 Startups Company

BEIJING, August 13, 2019 – 2019 IDC Innovators Workshop hosted by IDC took place on August 13th in Beijing. Representatives from 15 innovative ICT startups, 5 investment institutions, and 11 media outlets attended the workshop for a dialogue with IDC on business and technology innovations in digital economy.

In her address to the event, Ms. Kitty Fok, Managing Director, IDC China, said: “The digital economy has become a mainstream of the global economy. The development and evolution of digital technology has also entered into the stage of multiplied innovation, accompanied by the constant emergence of ICT startups with innovative technologies and business models. The IDC Innovators program was launched to recognize ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ with innovative solutions to existing business pain points and pioneer at the forefront of the digital economy. IDC will provide promising startups with a global platform and serve as their close and trusted partner on their innovation journey.”

For current hot areas of the ICT market, IDC has the following comments:


With the rollout of a succession of cybersecurity related laws, regulations and policies in recent years, China’s cybersecurity market has faced an excellent environment for sustainable rapid development. It has seen the rise of a large number of innovative companies which have thrived in extensive fields including cloud security, data security, mobile security and business security by sharpening their expertise, innovating in business model, and capturing emerging market opportunities. While domestic security vendors are still trailing behind their advanced international counterparts in innovation in various fields, IDC believes that innovation-driven domestic vendors will be able to lead the next generation of security technology, driven by top talent and rapid technological advancements.

Mr. Xiaosheng Tan, founder and chairman of Genius CyberTech, who attended the event, said: “Cybersecurity is an ‘attack and defend’ battlefield of intelligence and rivalry for control of information. For the attacker, it is a creative process; for the defender, it is also a creative activity which involves not only strict protection but also active hunting methods such as trap setting. Following innovative solution products such as firewall, next-generation firewall, WAF and honeypot that have come around over the past decades, innovation will continue to offer new ways to protect cybersecurity and drive the industry forward.”

Artificial intelligence:

The current AI landscape has from the start been dominated by leading startups which have asserted their presence and performed strongly in terms of user stickiness, applications and customer base expansion in extensive segments including computer vision, speech recognition and semantics by levering their first-mover advantages and continuous innovation. Although AI applications are still in the early stage, AI startups have played an increasingly important role in the entire AI space ranging from technological innovation to productization to application deployment.


Startups are a major force driving the development of the emerging blockchain technology. Most blockchain startups focus on the integration of the technology with industry users and are committed to expanding its application areas and exploring new business models while increasing the efficiency of their current operations. According to IDC’s statistics, over 400 blockchain related projects were launched by startups from January 2018 to June, and most of the projects have been put into use in production environments.

During the event, Yu Xue, Research Manager, Emerging Technology, IDC China, gave a presentation on “Enterprise Innovation in the Digital Economy”. The speech began with an examination of the definition and characteristics of the digital economy, then analyzed the three key characteristics of Third Platform technologies in the multiplied innovation phase, and ended with the sharing of application cases of emerging technologies including AI, next-generation security and IoT.

The event culminated with a certificate awarding ceremony. Ms. Kitty Fok, and Mr. Xiaosheng Tan together present the IDC Innovators certificates to the representatives of 15 startups in fields including cybersecurity, AI, big data, storage and robotics.

Values of IDC Innovators

For subscribers, the IDC Innovators program provides investors, IT departments and business departments with an objective and fair market perspective on technology purchases, inform them of innovative vendors in the market, and facilitate their investment decision-making.

For technology providers, the program provides a new platform which helps them display their innovative technologies, solutions or business models in different ways and increase market awareness of their products and technologies. In addition, the IDC Innovators recognition gives them an edge in capturing market opportunities.

Over the more than two years since its launch, IDC Innovators program has catapulted more than 70 innovative companies in 20 fields into IDC reports. IDC thanks the ICT community for the active involvement and participation in the program and look forward to partnering with more innovative companies in the common effort to navigate successfully in the digital transformation era.

For more information about the “IDC Innovators” program, please contact Yu Xue, Research Manager, IDC China:

Tel: 010-5889 1718


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About IDC Innovators

IDC Innovators is an IT buyer research document created by an IDC analyst and published into an IDC subscription service. 

An "IDC Innovators" report recognizes a set (3-5) of emerging vendors under $100M chosen by an IDC analyst because they offer an innovative new technology, a groundbreaking business model or both and were approved by the IDC Innovators Review Panel. It is not an exhaustive evaluation of all companies in a segment or a comparative ranking of the companies.

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