06 Jul 2020

IDC: Multidimensional forces drive strong growth —China Operation and Maintenance Security Management Hardware Product Market Shares, 2019, initial release

BEIJING, June 16, 2020 — In 2019, global' interest that related to cybersecurity remained high. Frequent cyberattacks have occurred with the attack modes characterized by new features that come in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and ecosystem, and many enterprises around the world have been subjected to varying degrees of cyberattacks. Also, countries in worldwide and China promulgated many laws and regulations which covering various industries and technologies in 2019 and these laws and regulations created a more inelastic demand for global and Chinese customers' cybersecurity, driving the cybersecurity industry toward rapid development. It is worth noting that the continuous occurrence of operation and maintenance security incidents in recent years have made more and more customers and enterprises realize that violations by internal employees and third-party operators will bring enormous and even irreversible damage to the economic interests of organizations, and that security in the operation and maintenance processes of the government and enterprises has also become a key area of concern for many customers in the past two years.

In this context, IDC officially released in June 2020 the research study "China Operation and Maintenance Security Management Hardware Market Share, 2019: Forced by the Situation, the General Trend Is Coming" (IDC #CHC45881820). This study provides a detailed research on the scale, growth rate, major players, and market and technology trends of the China operation and security management hardware product market. According to data from the report, the 2019 China operation and maintenance security management hardware product market scale reached US$119 million, an increase of 21.4% year over year (YoY), and the market as a whole showed rapid growth. IDC expects that this growth will continue under the driving forces of threatening circumstances and policies. Specifically in terms of vendors, integrated security vendors and those in the field of professional technical security are engaged in the competition within the China operation and maintenance security management hardware product market. Among the vendors leading in the fierce market competition are Venustech Group, DBAPP Security, Qizhi Technology, NSFOCUS, SBR-info, and others. See figure below for details.

IDC research has found that the continuous development of operation and maintenance security management hardware products is contributed to the combination of multidimensional driving forces such as a challenging cybersecurity landscape, policy compliance requirements, and internal security operation and maintenance demand. As the demand for security operations continues to grow, the technical requirements of end users for operation and maintenance security management products also increase. Specific to product functions, some large-scale users require products to support multiple scenes, any environment, high-volume clustering and hierarchical deployment, so as to effectively achieve a more secure and efficient data circulation. In addition, intelligent graphic recognition technology, automatic discovery of assets, automatic switching of permissions and other intelligent and automation capabilities have also become important embodiments of product capability. While improving the functionality and performance of products, the requirements of end users for product experience have gradually begun to increase, mainly reflected in the ease of use of products and operation and maintenance, and other aspects.

According to IDC China cybersecurity market analyst Sophia Wang, the operation and maintenance security management hardware products market achieved relatively rapid growth in 2019, with the overall market getting many projects but the projects’ size is small. Thus, in the future, the overall market still has more room to grow and opportunities to tap. Each technology provider should establish itself in the industry, dig deeper into the specific needs of the industry's customers, and improve the suitability of the product for industry and business. At the same time, the technology providers must integrate the functions of privileged account management, data encryption, and other products to improve the technical capability of overall product solutions, as well as provide solid technical support and guarantee for the entire security process of the end-user operation and maintenance before, during, and after a security incident.

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