09 Jun 2022

IDC's 2022 European Data Strategy and Innovation Awards Showcase Trailblazing AI, Analytics, and Data Management Case Studies from Industry

LONDON, June 9, 2022 — IDC has celebrated European trailblazers in AI, analytics, and data management with a special awards ceremony as part of its 2022 European Data and Intelligence Summit in Sintra, Portugal.

Category winners and runners-up represented some of the most impressive and impactful technology projects across the continent. The judging team received 34 nominations, from across Europe and from industries as diverse as specialty manufacturing and higher education.

Nominations were open to organizations based in Europe, and recognize excellence across three categories:

  •     Innovation with AI. Here, the IDC judges were looking for enterprise initiatives and projects that leverage AI (based on machine learning or deep learning) techniques and technologies to deliver new products or services or radically transform a business process. Two organizations were shortlisted in this category: Adecco Group and the University Autònoma de Barcelona with Aizon. The overall winner was Adecco Group, for the development of a tool to process and prioritize CVs for relevant roles, saving the team thousands of research hours.
  •     Data-powered business. In this category, the IDC judges were looking for enterprises that have used first-, second-, or third-party data to create new business insights that lead to exemplary material business impacts, such as a significant change in business or customer focus, a new product or service opportunity, an operational efficiency improvement or risk reduction. Three organizations were shortlisted in this category: ABN AMRO, Archroma, and Tipico. The overall winner was Tipico, for its transition to a self-service analytics model, which has helped the company become more data driven in everything it does.
  •     Data management excellence. Nominations in this category were from enterprises that could demonstrate significant advances in their ability to effectively and efficiently manage data at scale for business advantage. Four organizations were shortlisted in this category: AB InBev, LeasePlan, Swedbank, and Uniper. The overall winner was LeasePlan, for its creation of a logical data fabric across all its key data sources, which has helped the company create transformational new business use cases for data.

IDC assembled a team of expert judges for the awards:

  •     Philip Carnelley — AVP, European Software Group
  •     Ewa Zborowska — Research Director, European Services
  •     James Eibisch — Research Director, EMEA Telecoms and Networking
  •     Archana Venkatraman — Associate Research Director, Cloud Data Management
  •     Giovanni Cervellati — Research Manager, European Intelligent Data and Analytics Strategies
  •     Wiktor Markiewicz — Senior Research Analyst, European Intelligent Data and Analytics Strategies
  •     Jack Vernon — Senior Research Analyst, European AI Strategies
  •     Neil Ward-Dutton — VP AI, Automation and Analytics Europe

"This is the third year of our European Data Strategy and Innovation Awards, and we were delighted to receive so many high-quality nominations from across the region. Adecco Group, Tipico, and LeasePlan are very worthy winners, and represent fantastic examples of the business impact that organizations can achieve using modern approaches to using data, analytics, and AI," said Neil Ward-Dutton, VP AI, Automation and Analytics Europe, IDC.


For more information, contact:

Neil Ward-Dutton
+44 20 8987 7100