18 Jan 2022

IDC Launches Coverage of High-Performance Computing (HPC) Market Under the Auspices of Performance Intensive Computing Solutions

NEEDHAM, Mass., January 18, 2022 – International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced that it is initiating coverage of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market by launching two new continuous intelligence services – one covering High-Performance Computing Trends and Strategies and the other on the rapidly growing High-Performance Computing as a Service market.

In a recent published blog post, Peter Rutten, research vice president and global research lead on Performance Intensive Computing Solutions, discusses the reasons why IDC decided to reinitiate its HPC coverage in 2022, just as companies worldwide focus on the next chapter of business transformation after their post-pandemic recovery. Rutten makes a case for how the coverage of HPC is born out of an unmet need in the market for reliable and actionable market data and insights on HPC-related trends, and crucially the convergence of HPC with emerging domains like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Accelerated Computing.

The industrialization of HPC – sometimes referred to as the democratization of HPC – is a trend around HPC-related technologies becoming commonplace. Its adoption is no longer limited to well-funded national laboratories and large universities. It is gaining wider adoption in public and private research institutions, cloud, digital and communications service providers, and – crucially – in many enterprises. The growing availability of stupendous amounts of compute at manageable costs and with measurable returns, whether they are capital expenses for on-premises HPC systems or operational expenses for HPC as a service, have tremendous enabling power for scientists, engineers, and technical staff. Coupled with rich data sets, access to vast amounts of compute capacity has ushered in a new R&D culture among scientists. The ability to increase iterative runs without penalty allows them to tweak a model or run a simulation as often as necessary within acceptable timeframes.

IDC plans to cover research HPC under the auspices of Performance Intensive Computing (PIC) solutions. IDC coined the term Performance Intensive Computing to describe solutions for mathematically intensive workloads, as are commonly deployed in artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, engineering and technical, and modeling and simulation (aka HPC) use cases. It is used for processing large volumes of data or executing complex instruction sets in the fastest way possible.

"In the institutional and mainstream HPC segments, IDC is seeing very strong client demand for research to support their inbound planning and outbound marketing activities," noted Rutten, "IDC aims to deliver a comprehensive service with these two new programs to support our clients with HPC data and insights that are grounded in, and fully integrated with, all of IDC's worldwide data and insights offerings."

"We are very excited to launch these HPC programs to complete IDC's infrastructure research," said Ashish Nadkarni, group vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. "HPC is being democratized to the point where any organization can execute some of their most important technical and scientific computations on-premises or in the cloud, and our clients are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of these markets."

In the coming years, as part of its HPC research, IDC plans to develop and publish market taxonomies, deployment models and scenarios, vendor profiles, sentiment analysis reports, use case reports, market sizes and forecasts, and various other research and data products. Furthermore, IDC will include HPC-related engagements in as part of its custom solutions practice.

For more information about IDC's High-Performance Computing and Performance Intensive Computing research, please contact Peter Rutten at prutten@idc.com.

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