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Leading global enterprises lean on IDC Metri for full understanding and optimization of Cloud costs.

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PostNL Is Enabled To Manage Cloud Costs Themselves While Keeping An Independent Cloud Management Setup

International Telecommunications Company Reduces Cloud Costs by More Than 30% After Discovering Cost Savings Avenues



Getting The Most Value From Your Cloud Spend

Controlling cloud costs and delivering value is more challenging than most companies expect. While addressing your biggest obstacles, IDC shares insights for pursuing effective Cloud Economics that will help you achieve business results and improved decision-making.


What Can You Do About Cloud Overspending

Managing Cloud cost is hard to do, and our Cloud Economics Infographic simplifies this complex topic for better management and control, communication to stakeholders, and most importantly, maximizes your success while moving to or operating in the Cloud.


The Five Steps For Operationalizing Cloud Spending Efficiencies

Cloud operations are often set up to fail because they aren’t using a Cloud cost management framework from the start. View the foundation behind IDC's Cloud Economics to see how we identify the gaps that cause costs to escalate and to create an actionable plan that helps our clients maximize their success in the Cloud.

“After years of a solid business partnership, IDC Metri continues to challenge us. To date we’ve saved around 5% on our cloud spendings with IDC Metri’s Cloud Economics.”

Marcel Krom

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