DX Capabilities

Create New Digital Capabilities around Customers, Data, and Scale

As organizations evolve to a digital enterprise, new capabilities need to be developed to deliver value. Digital capabilities require the bringing together of technology, talent, governance, processes, and data. IDC believes that too few organiations are actively working toward developing new digital capabilities, but are instead preoccupied with building the pieces. New capabilities will be vital to succeed in the digital economy.

DX Capabilities

IDC's DX IT Capabilities Framework

Capabilities for DX should center around a culture of innovation and data. Think:

  • Experiential Engagement

    blending the digital and physical in customer engagement

    Business attuned to customer needs are poised to deliver innovative exceptional customer experiences that are easy, frictionless, and pleasing.

  • Industry Specificity

    leveraging data to create new digital revenue streams

    Building up data monetization requires the organization to identify data that has economic value, refine it into an asset, and distribute the data through effective channels.

  • Digital Business at Scale

    delivering hyper-personalized, cost-effective digital services

    Scaling a digital business will require capabilities in scope and speed. You'll need new autonomic operational processes that drive down costs as volume increases.

Techniques Employed By IT Organizations to Meet the Needs of Customers

DX Capabilities required

Source: IDC CIO Sentiment Survey, June, 2017 - 150 IT Executives
Question: How do you ensure that IT digital transformation work meets business and customer needs?

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