Market Sizing for Cash Register Solutions in Turkey

Case Study


Due to the lack of existing market data on the size and forecast growth of cash register systems in Turkey, the client was not able to gauge the market's true potential.

As such, the client approached IDC to furnish it with market size data for cash register system solutions, supplemented by a market forecast for the next two years and profiles of its key competitors (including market shares).

The client also wanted to understand the market potential across different verticals and the split of the cash register system market between hardware and software vendors.

Approach & Methodology

  • IDC met face to face with both hardware and software solution providers in the country to understand the market's dynamics and to determine revenue shares, vertical splits, and future growth potential.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • The face-to-face interviews resulted in a comprehensive sizing study that included vendor revenue shares across product categories, vertical distribution, and two-year market size forecast.
  • The detailed report enabled the client to better serve its clients' needs by reshaping its product focus and vertical strategy for the short and medium term.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA