Creating a Connectivity Index

Case Study


A major South African telecommunications provider was keen to increase the market reach of its connectivity portfolio among municipalities and large enterprise clients to enhance its penetration into large-scale network deployment situations.

However, the standard sales and marketing mechanisms were proving to be ineffective. The client wanted to significantly bolster its position as a thought leader as well as a connectivity champion and sought to boost the level of market awareness about its role as a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider.

As such, the client engaged IDC to create a White Paper and benchmarking connectivity tool for to showcase the level of connectivity at municipality, provincial, city, community, and business level across South Africa.

Approach & Methodology

  • Indicators: IDC consulted with the client and the broader industry to develop suitable indicators.
  • Survey: A nation-wide survey of commercial establishments and consumers was conducted to obtain detailed metrics and insights for each indicator.
  • Index Model: IDC designed a connectivity index model that served as the input into delivery of a dedicated White Paper and workshop.
  • Portal: IDC planned a portal and distribution strategy around the index.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • The client acquired an in-depth understanding of the level of connectivity across various user segments at a municipal level in South Africa – this data was never available before.
  • IDC consultants led a series of internal executive workshops that provided inputs into strategic planning and suggested areas for future expansion and opportunity.
  • The White paper provided valuable external public relations benefits within key customer groups and raised awareness of the client's capabilities across the country.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA