IDC Energy Summit 2019

The 3Rs that Matter in Energy Sector’s "Transformation Journey”

Sabancı Center, İstanbul, December 25, 2019


IDC Energy Summit 2019

The 3Rs that Matter in Energy Sector’s ''Transformation Journey”

Digital determination. By 2022, 20% of digitally determined utilities' revenues will come from new products and services.

IDC Energy Insights' works with utility providers, oil and gas producers, and mining companies on how to leverage data and technology to improve operational excellence and create new information-based commodities.

Its global team of analysts with decades of industry experience, advise on how to create holistic digital operational strategies that deliver agile operations and how to harness information for improved decision making and the creation of new value add-services.


Key Topics

  • Realizing New Business Models
  • Collaborating / Co-Innovating with the Ecosystem
  • Advancing with IoT, Cognitive Systems and Analytics
  • Customer Exp. Transform. for Both C&I and Residential
  • Changing the Leadership and Mindset Narrative
  • Asset Operation Transformation
  • Digitally Augmenting / Sourcing the Workforce
  • Making the most of IT & OT Transformation





Time Event & Speakers

Registration, Breakfast & Networking


The 3Rs (Relevance, Risk & Resilience) that Matter in Energy Sector’s "Transformation Journey”

Dr. Ramazan Yavuz
Research Manager, Systems and Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Türkiye

Opening Speech

Murat Pınar
CEO, EnerjiSA
Mehmet Yılmazer
Head of IT Department, Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu

Transforming Energy Industry with New Technologies

Tuğrul Demiralp
Product and Services Marketing Director, KoçSistem

Rethinking Energy Innovation to Create a Sustainable Future

Elif Gürdal
Turkey Country Manager, Dassault Systèmes

Save Your Energy

Evren Ballı
General Manager, Clonera

Turkish Cloud is Ready for ERP Solutions

Begim Başlıgil
CEO, Bulutistan
Umut Orhan Aydemir
Systems Hardware Technical Sales Leader, IBM

Coffee Break, Networking & 1-1 Meetings


Digitalisation in Energy Sector

Murat Pınar
CEO, EnerjiSA
Cantekin Dinçerler
CEO, Kolin
Uğur Yüksel
General Manager, GDZ Elektrik Dağıtım
Burak Aydın
General Manager, SabancıDx

Innovation and Transformation Through IT

Serhan Özhan
CIO & CTO, CK Enerji
Engin Kavas
Information Technologies Group Director, Bereket Enerji Grubu
Haldun Selik
CIO, Aygaz
Reha Argaç
IT Director, Kazancı Holding

Lunch & Networking


Cyber Security Strategies in Utilities

Pelin Pehlivan
Group Manager, Information Security, Risk and Compliance, Enerjisa
Gurban Karimov
IT Manager, TANAP
Savaş Ergen
Infrastructure & Operations Director, CK Enerji
Kenan Yılma
Information Security Group Coordinator, SOCAR Türkiye
Feridun Aktaş
Assistant General Manager, Enterprise Security, Garanti BBVA Teknoloji

Discover the Future in the Energy Industry

Kürşad Karaman
Chief Technology and Human Resources Officer, Eksim Investment Holding

Digital Reinvention in Energy Sector

Özcan Çavuş
PMO, Architecture & Business Intelligence Group Manager, Enerjisa

OT Security Challenges in Oil and Gas

Can Demirel
Information Security Technical Lead, Biznet Bilişim
Gurban Karimov
IT Manager, TANAP

Redefining Data Management

Tarcan Serdaroğlu
Senior Director, Emerging Markets, Cohesity

Advanced Analytics Use Cases in Energy Industry

Ayhan Demirci
Data and Analytics Director, KoçDigital

İTÜ Çekirdek Startups

Selçuk Can Güven
Business Development Director, Algopoly
Algopoly: We add value to businesses of our clients by solving their challenging data problems with our agile R&D processes and our unique ability to transform solutions into end-to-end products.

Winergy: Winergy, hanelerin tükettikleri enerjisinin %65'ini kontrol ederek,hanelere enerji verimliliği çözümleri ve ürünleri sunan, bireylere tükettikleri enerjiyi verimli yönetebilmelerini sağlayan bir enerji yazılım girişimidir.

Laska Energy: Kauçuk bazlı atıklardan termo-kimyasal yöntemle değerli ham maddeler ve elektrik enerjisi elde eder.



Awards Ceremony



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Big Data & Analytics

1 - Enerjisa - Self Service Analytics Platform

2 - Petrol Ofisi - Makine Öğrenmesi Metoduyla, Akaryakıt Satış Tahmini

3 - Aygaz - Radar


Customer Experience

1 - İpragaz - iPApp Online Sipariş ve Sadakat Platformu

2 - Enerjisa - 360 CRM Dönüşüm Ekranı Projesi

3 - Milangaz - Milangaz Digital Transformation Program


Data Infrastructure

1 - CK Enerji - DB Level Utility Network Manager

2 - Aytemiz Akaryakıt - Yeni Genel Merkez Dijital Dönüşüm Projesi


Enterprise Transformation

1 - CK Enerji - DB Level Utility Network Manager

2 - Enerjisa - 360 CRM Dönüşüm Ekranı Projesi

2 - Milangaz - Milangaz Digital Transformation Program

2 - SOCAR - Propay

3 - SOCAR - Work Force Management


IoT in Energy

1 - CK Enerji - Gözetmen Projesi (DC Var/Yok ve Arıza Bilgisi Merkezileştirilmesi)

1 - SOCAR - Polaris

2 - CK Enerji - OSOS-OMS Entegrasyonu

3 - CK Enerji - OT (Scada/ICS) Security


Mobility in Energy

1 - Aygaz - Radar

2 - CK Enerji - CK Energy-VTS_WFM_Integration

3 - CK Enerji - OSOS-OMS Entegrasyonu


Security & Fraud Management

1 - Enerjisa - Veri Güvenliği Projesi

1 - CK Enerji - OT (Scada/ICS) Security


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