IDC AI, Advanced Analytics & RPA Conference 2019

Beyond The Hype - How Artificial Intelligence is Becoming Reality

InterContinental, Istanbul, November 5, 2019


"Business leaders generally agree that analytics holds the key to competing successfully in an increasingly digital world. In the past few years, organisations have been investing in ever more sophisticated tools to handle and analyse data. But many have yet to gain the value they have been looking for. What's the secret? In this conference, we will seek to explore how to gain intelligence from information and look at best practices from governance to change management to drive value while building the truly intelligent business." Philip Carnelley, Research Director, IDC

While many traditional industry players are looking at BDA and cognitive systems to drive operational efficiencies that will help them reduce their overall cost structure and provide quick ROI, the more progressive companies are starting to utilize these solutions to aggressively enter adjacent industries and market segments. These digital “disruptors” are finding ways to leverage the 3rd Platform technologies – mobile, cloud, analytics and social – as a platform to quickly develop and deploy cognitive systems and BDA solutions that are dramatically changing the way traditional businesses models function.

This event will help delegates to address the following questions:

  •   How can organization successfully deploy BDA and cognitive systems which can actually bring benefits to top and bottom line?
  •   What are the opportunities that cognitive systems and BDA present?
  •   What use/business cases are driving the market today? And which will drive the market in the future?
  •   What are the technological and organizational challenges companies will face?
  •   What are the solutions vendors provide the technologies and skilled resources to address the major challenges?
  •   Which vendors, enterprises and governments are leading the way and what are they doing to drive this success?
  •   What steps your organization should take to embark on this journey.

This conference will separate the hype from reality; particularly in the area of Cognitive / AI. Discover the next-gen technologies that are already here today, and how they are providing the catalyst for organizations to leap frog ahead of the competition. Technology investment cannot be blind - understanding and extracting the business value is essential for this journey. 

Join us at the event to understand and visualize the concept of the digital twin - how it applies to all industry verticals, and how underlying new technologies such as Analytics, APIs, Big Data, Cognitive/AI and IoT converge as the nucleus of an organization becoming fully digitally aware.

IDC Türkiye’s Big Data and IoT conference will provide insight into the latest trends, and technologies, and provide guidance to business and technology executives on which key factors to consider in their strategic planning when allocating resources for IoT & Big Data initiatives and business plans. 

Topics To be Covered:

  • Hadoop, MapReduce, and the technologies behind Big Data analytics
  • Forecasting, Mobile Analytics, Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise information management (EIM)
  • Cloud-based and service-oriented technologies in business intelligence (BI)
  • The complexity and compatibility of data
  • Data protection, privacy, and confidentiality
  • IoT Connectivity and future developments
  • IoT Security; the critical ecosystem component for all things IoT
  • IoT platform and Analytics - turning sensor data into profit


Time Event & Speakers

Registration / Breakfast & Networking


A World in Transition through AI and Analytics
How to Win in the Intelligent Economy

Aslı Koçkal

Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Türkiye



Panel Discussion: Hype or Reality: Advanced Analytics and AI

Attila Bayrak

Chief Analytics Officer, SabanciDx

Gökhan Gökçay

SVP, Digital, Payments and Data Technology Leader, Akbank

Yücel Ölçer


Tunç Şenyol

CIO, Metro Cash & Carry Turkey

Özcan Çavuş

PMO, Architecture & Business Intelligence Group Manager, Enerjisa

Kurtuluş Öztürk

Head of PMO & Data Governance, Pegasus Airlines

New Opportunities in Advanced Analytics

Önder Kaplancık

Managing Director, KoçDigital

Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise with the Third Revolution in Analytics: Bridging the Last Mile between the Analyst and the Business’ Front Line

Robert Davis

Vice President, Product Management, MicroStrategy

Coffee Break & 1-1 Meetings & Networking


Advanced Analytics and AI In The BI World

Emre Çabuk

CTO, BI Technology

Grow Your Business with Value Added Analytics

Demet Sönmez

Regional Director Emerging Europe & Middle East, ICRON

How to feed you Artificial Intelligence

İsmail Cingil

Digital Insights Sales and Business Development Manager, Hitachi Vantara

Zero to One: Real-life Stories during Data Journey of Organizations

Koray Kocabaş

BI & Data Analytics Group Director, Demirören Dijital

Smart Flight: Developing a New Product Using Data Science

Dr. Kadir Kırmızı


Turning into A Data - Driven Organization: Challenges & Solutions

Tufan Baydemir

Data Science Team Lead, Coca-Cola Türkiye

Lunch & Networking



IoT and AI Data Analytics for Intelligent Decision Making

İsmihan Baysal Anderson

IT and Automation Director, Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Automation Framework as the RPA

Füsun Borluk

Group Head of Project Management Office and IT Quality, AvivaSA

RPA in Action

Haydar Erdem Yılmaz

Head of IT Operations, Vodafone

New Customer Experince Through Empowering Data

Ömer Bodur

Manager, Business Intelligence, DeFacto

Vakıf Katılım BI & Analytical Transformation Roadmap

İsmail Çelik

Line Manager, Data Management and Business Intelligence, Vakıf Katılım Bankası

Leverage Your Business with Artificial Intelligence

Caner Çanak

Artificial intelligence and Data Analytics Manager, Turkcell

Competitive Advantages in Pricing Analytics

Duygu Bayram

CRM and Data Analytics Senior Manager, Teknosa

Mercedes-Benz RPA Solution: Robocop

Ali Erdem Silan

Ali Erdem Silan, IT Project Manager, Mercedes-Benz Türk

Oh My AI! Where are the boundaries?

Pınar Köse Kulacz

IoT Strategy and Projects, Digital Transformation Manager, Arçelik

Robotic Process Automation: Challenges & Opportunities

Engin Gümüşel

Manager - IT Server&System Administration, Ford Otosan

Harun Baylan

Vice President, Process Management & Service Design, Akbank

Hürol Berber

Senior Manager, IT ServiceDesk, Vodafone

Murat Gölcü

Manager, Infrastructure and Technology Services, Eczacıbaşı Bilişim

Tuğrul Sayan

Assistant Manager, Software & Quality, Odeabank

İTÜ Çekirdek Startups

Headports: Markalı testler ve oyunlar ile adayların yeterliliğini ölçen, en iyi değil takımınız ile en uyumlu çalışacak adayı size sunan bir yapay zeka destekli hr teknolojisidir.

Kahuna (Dijital Telif Takip, Eşleşme ve Raporlama Sistemi): Yapay Zeka Tabanlı Dijital Telif Takip ve Eşleşme Otomasyonu

Ludens Robo Advisory: Kişiye özel dijital yatırım danışmanıdır.


AI & Analytic Awards 2019


Aslı Koçkal

Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Türkiye

Attila Bayrak

Chief Analytics Officer, SabanciDx

Gökhan Gökçay

SVP, Digital, Payments and Data Technology Leader, Akbank

Yücel Ölçer


Tunç Şenyol

CIO, Metro Cash & Carry Turkey

Özcan Çavuş

PMO, Architecture & Business Intelligence Group Manager, Enerjisa

Kurtuluş Öztürk

Head of PMO & Data Governance, Pegasus Airlines

Önder Kaplancık

Managing Director, KoçDigital

Robert Davis

Vice President, Product Management, MicroStrategy

Emre Çabuk

CTO, BI Technology


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Big Data & Analytics

1 - Demirören Dijital - Real Time Clickstream Analysis in Exponential Consuming Scenarios

1 - Akbank - ATM Monitoring and Process-fault correlation

2 - Procter & Gamble - Shopper-based Store Personalization by Advanced Analytics

3 - FLO Mağazacılık - PMP - Predictive Marketing Platform

3 - Otokar Otomotiv - SPOT-Akıllı Yedek Parça Optimizasyonu


Customer Excellence

1 - İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı - Bulundum

1 - İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı - e-Passport

2 - Pegasus Airlines - Express Bagaj

2 - Akbank - Banking IQ

3 - Türk Hava Yolları - Feedbank- Nitel Veri Analizi Projesi

3 - ETS Tur - Hotel Recommendation System Based on User Profiles


Innovation Accelerators

1 - Türk Telekom - Operasyonda Yapay Zeka – Öngörücü Bakım

2 - Demirören Dijital - Real Time Content Based News Recommendation in Turkish

3 - Doğuş Teknoloji - Robots of VDF

3 - DeFacto Teknoloji - Recommendation Engine


Operational Excellence

1 - Aksigorta - Digital Mirror

1 - Pegasus Airlines - PERO-Digital Workforce of Pegasus

2 - Greyder - Moon

2 - Koçtaş - EasyLabel

3 - Eczacıbaşı Bilişim - Algoritma

3 - Otokoç Otomotiv - Robotik Süreç Otomasyonu ile Özel Tüketim Vergisi (ÖTV) Ödeme Sürecinin Otomatize Edilmesi

3 - Odeabank - Robotic Process Automation Project (Robot'O)


Artificial Intelligence

1 - Sefamerve - Whatsapp ChatBot ile Görsel Arama

2 - Demirören Dijital - High Scale Image Enrichment in Cloud Computing

2 - Turkcell - Paycell Digital Onboarding

3 - MLP Sağlık Hizmetleri - Derin Öğrenme Temelli Bilgisayar Destekli Meme Lezyonu Tanı Sistemi

3 - BSH Ev Aletleri - Product Quality Management Text Mining



1 - Sefamerve - Whatsapp ChatBot ile Görsel Arama

1 - Turkcell - Gülümse Gülümset

2 - Yurtiçi Kargo - E-Kimlik Uygulaması

2 - Yurtiçi Kargo - YK Game

3 - Procter & Gamble - P&G eBusiness Vertical Startup in Real Time Data Analytics

3 - Toyota Türkiye - Akıllı Atölye Planlama Sistemi


Internet of Things

1 - Boyteks Tekstil - Finishing Smart Manufacturing Automation

2 - FLO Mağazacılık - FLO Dijital Retail Store

Advisory Board

* The list is in surname alphabetical order.

Altan Açıkgöz

CDO, Getir

İsa Semih Akçıra


Seçil Arslan

Head of R&D, Yapı Kredi Bankası

Ökkeş Emin Balçiçek

R&D and Enterprise Architecture VP, Kuveyttürk

Güçlü Borhan

VP, HR & Internal Services Applications Development, Yapı Kredi

Asst. Prof. Ahmet Onur Durahim

Faculty Member, Boğaziçi University

Erkut Ekinci

Head of IT, Hugo Boss

Ali Ercan

Head of Global Application Services, B/S/H

Mehmet Fırat

Head of IT & Digital Business Management, Enerjisa

Günseli Gökalp

IT Director, Çalık Holding


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Premier Partner
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Document Partner
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Conference Project Manager

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Sales Manager

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