Mapping the Journey to Hybrid Cloud

Aligning Cloud Strategies with Emerging Models of Hybrid Services

Johannesburg, February 27, 2019


CIOs and their teams find themselves plotting a course through a rapidly shifting and ever more complex mix of technology solutions — solutions that frequently span multiple on-premise and public cloud environments and are augmented by managed service providers and other partners. IDC predicts that 90% of large organizations will adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies within two to three years, necessitated by digital transformation, market strategies, and fundamental changes in enterprise infrastructure.

In the financial services sector, this type of cloud adoption will be driven by fierce competitive pressures to innovate products and business practices, guided by industry regulations, technical legacies, and information security concerns. Hybrid cloud strategies will also be used by forward-thinking organizations to streamline technology policies and enable more competitive and customer-centric postures.

In this context, this timely executive roundtable dinner hosted by IDC and Nutanix will focus on how a multi-cloud infrastructure can future-proof enterprise IT. This exclusive dinner will provide an opportunity for participants to share experiences with their peers and discuss best practices in overcoming cloud challenges, with a unique emphasis placed on future proofing enterprise IT through multi-cloud infrastructures.

Some of the key questions that will be addressed during the roundtable include:

  • Why does IDC believe a hybrid computing strategy is inevitable?
  • What are the disruptors across industries, and how will hybrid computing help executives respond to them?
  • How can IT leaders avoid committing to dead ends and lock-in?
  • What new skills do executives require to maintain the momentum of digital transformation initiatives?




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IDC Welcome Address

Jonathan Tullett

Research Manager, IT Services

Welcome Speech by Nutanix

Paul Ruinaard

Regional Sales Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa at Nutanix, Nutanix

Mapping the Journey to Hybrid Cloud

Jonathan Tullett

Research Manager, IT Services

Most large organizations will not only adopt hybrid cloud in the near term but also embrace it as a fundamental component of digital transformation. Financial services players that are using technology to deliver competitive value in highly competitive and highly regulated markets are at the forefront of this transition. This session will unpack the component parts of hybrid cloud, outline a hybrid cloud road map, and present strategic guidance for achieving maximum advantage and minimum risk at each stage of the cloud journey.



End User Presentation

Peter Rix

Co-founder and Executive Director – Vaxowave Pty Ltd

Understanding the Business Value of Cloud Computing

Paul Ruinaard

Regional Sales Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa at Nutanix, Nutanix

In an increasingly competitive market, the modernization of legacy infrastructure is increasingly essential in meeting client expectations and maintaining market share. Understanding the strategic advantages of the hybrid cloud in the African context is thus an imperative, even though the trade-offs of cloud need to be constantly evaluated. However, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the building out of an effective and fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud solution needs to take factors such as data, flexibility, and agility into account. This session will explore how technology divisions can harness these factors to bring about significant gains to their organizations and leapfrog cloud development.



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