IDC Cloud & Datacenter Summit 2019

Future Ready IT Infrastructure for Everywhere

Istanbul, December 10, 2019


Enterprises are driving forward their digital transformation and their cloud initiatives under one common goal: the efficiency of their IT and processes should be improved and more closely integrated with business innovations. The cloud is increasingly becoming a differentiation factor. According to an IDC study, more than 80 percent of companies already use cloud services and cloud technology or are dealing with it intensively.

IT and business decision makers have recognized that a single-cloud or one-fits-all approach does not deliver the required breadth and flexibility. Multi-Clouds offer a promising approach for optimizing IT resources and IT infrastructures and delivering consistent service delivery

However, this concept also brings with it challenges such as the lack of organizational, technology, architecture, and process-level experience for a comprehensive and structured transition to the multi-cloud, as well as the efficient control of different cloud providers and cloud services from deployment until the billing of services.

At the IDC Cloud & Datacenter Summit, experts from IDC and our reputable partners and solutions will show you how best to advance your multi-cloud strategy. Our Summit format offers you the ideal platform for intensive exchange - even with like-minded colleagues  - in workshops and in roundtables. Concentrated and practice-oriented expert knowledge we convey in plenary. Lunch, supporting programs and many opportunities for networking - also with colleagues from other companies - round off the event.


Key Topics

  • Defining a long-term cloud strategy (Cloud Only, Cloud First, Best Fit) to support digital business development.
  • Development of a strategy and architecture for Edge to Cloud Computing
  • Effect of DX Strategies on Infrastructures
  • Datacenter Optimization and Transition to Cloud
  • DC Management via SW Defined Networking (SDN)
  • The Flashy Future of Datacenter Storage
  • Manage a portfolio of multiple cloud services
  • Defining a business model when working with multiple cloud providers
  • Building innovation and digital transformation in the cloud
  • Development of a strategy for the development of cloud skills
  • Using DevOps in a cloud environment
  • Data management across multiple clouds
  • Avoiding compromises in governance, GDPR and security levels
  • Build the storage and network base to ensure SLAs


Time Event & Speakers

Registration & Networking


Delivering Enterprise-Level Agility in Cloud Era

Aslı Koçkal

Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Türkiye

Build and Manage Your Company’s Infrastructure & Cloud Journey for Digital Transformation

Uğur Serkan Taşkın

IT Director, Koçtaş

Yaman Acar

Information Systems and Technology Manager, İpragaz

Akif Arsoy

VP, Engineering and Product Development,

Kemal Özcan

EVP, Infrastructure & System Management, DenizBank

Oğuzhan Yıldız

CIO, Renault Mais

As IT organizations need to deliver in a more agile and flexible manner, spending clearly shifts away from traditional equipment purchasing and outsourcing. Turkey enterprise infrastructure market is gradually maturing as an increasing number of organizations embrace more efficient, consolidated, manageable, and cloud-enabled infrastructures. Sitting at the heart of this shift is the implementation of digital transformation initiatives and the adoption of 3rd Platform technologies like cloud, mobility, social business, and Big Data analytics. Such developments are reshaping the datacenter and driving organizations to reassess their associated architecture.

SESSION 1: Cloud Journey of Enterprise Infrastructures


Success Story: Cloud Strategy and Alliance with Turkcell

Orhan Bıyıklıoğlu

Manager, Cloud Engineering, Turkcell

Hervé Basso

Director of Cloud Providers Business Director, South EMEA, VMware

Get More With Less

Evren Ballı

General Manager, Clonera

Murat Baysal

Pointnext Country Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Cloud of Turkey is Ready to Take Off

Begim Başlıgil

CEO, Bulutistan

Digital Ready Infrastructures Require SDN-enabled Interconnection to MultiCloud

Mehmethan Şişik

Managing Director Turkey, Equinix

Direct and private connectivity to strategic hybrid cloud service providers is essential as digital transformation fuels higher demand for localized digital services at the edge


Coffee Break & 1-1 Meetings


Composable Cloud Roadmap and Strategy

Cengiz Çalıkoğlu

Manager, System Management, Sigorta Bilgi ve Gözetim Merkezi

Does It Matter Where Our Services Run?

Murat Zobu

System and Cloud Infrastructure Manager, Migros

Cloud is Dead. Long Live Hybrid Cloud!

Başar Küçük

Cloud BU Manager, Glasshouse

The Management Advantage of Multi-Vendor Programming and The Centralization of Automation

Erdeniz Ünvan

General Manager, Knowledge Club
It has became a complicated and complex process to manage and administrate growing networks as IT sector develops and evolves each day more and more. Therefore İt is inevitable to integrate different systems and hardwares for multi-vendor management in order to fullfill more work load by less time, less cost with effiency. It is necessary to centralize the automation for increasing the efficiency at legacy/software defined network programming.



Success Story: Digitalization Journey of Aydınlı DX

Tarcan Serdaroğlu

Senior Director, Emerging Markets, Cohesity

Mehmet Mart

IT Director, Aydınlı Grup

Barriers to Cloud: Security Concerns and Regulations

Kerim Özgür Yalçın

Group Head, IT Infrastructure & Operations, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu

The Future of IT Infrastructures

Günseli Gökalp

IT Director, Çalık Holding

Engin Şahin

Senior IT Manager, Penti

Fulya Bıçak Muştu

CIO, HD Holding (HD İskender, HD Döner, Pidem, Pideko)

Şadi Aydın

Manager, Infrastructure & System, SOCAR Türkiye

Tülin Şendemir

IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Nobel İlaç

In the age of innovation, CIOs must have a keen understanding of trends in technologies to pursue the optimal digital transformation (DX) initiatives. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, the motto is 'disrupt or be disrupted. Enterprises must invest wisely to modernize their IT infrastructure to make it agile, cost-effective, intelligent, and future proof in order to meet business demands and customer expectations.


Technology Roundtables & Networking Lunch

  • Bahadır Kumrallar - Atasay
  • Burak Çetinkaya - IGA
  • Bülent Dursun - Mavi
  • Ebubekir Demir - Botaş
  • Erkan Aytürk - Toyota
  • Halit Ayyılmaz - ING
  • Mehmet Mart - Aydınlı
  • Nihat Aydemir - Milangaz
  • Nuran Varol Erzincan - Koton
  • Osman Ayhan - Unifree
  • Serhan Özhan - CK Enerji
  • Serkan Candeğir - FLO
  • Sinan Özkan - Cengiz Holding
  • Şakan İnce - Gürmen Grup
  • Uğur Serkan Taşkın - Koçtaş

SESSION 2: Cloud Ready Hyper-Scale Enterprise Infrastructures


Next Level of FSI Infrastructures: Being Ready for Multi Cloud Environment

Namık Kemal Uçkan

IT Director, Network Division, Halkbank

Kağan Aydınyüz

Unit Manager, Infrastructure & Integration, AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat

Okan Eke

Manager, System Management and Operations Department, Aktif Bank

Serap Ateşoğlu Bayhan

Senior Manager, Cloud & Automation, ING

Core banking system is no longer a competitive differentiator for banks. Banking cloud enables them to share IT cost and focus on building unique client experiences. We are starting to see banks move clearly towards creating cloud-ready infrastructures. The usage of cloud technology goes beyond separate workflows and can fundamentally restructure the way a bank operates. Join this session to learn how to lower operational costs and enable a highly scalable platform that can quickly respond and react to both the bank’s internal needs and customer demands.


Managing Multi-Regional Infrastructure

Serkan Sevim

CEO, Medianova

Managing Multi-Regional Infrastructure

Vedat Arslan

IT Manager, Black Sea SSC IT, Groupe Renault

Effect of Digital Transformation Strategies on Infrastructures

Evren Öcal

Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İş Süreçleri Direktörü, Hedef Filo

Business Continuity with Cloud-Ready Infrastructure

Namık Kuruca

Group Manager, Operation, CarrefourSA

Datacenter Optimization & Transition to Cloud

Cengiz Yılmaz

Manager, Infrastructure & Operations, MNG Kargo

Success Story: Cloud Journey of Dogus Technology

Ceyhun Kartal

Application Management Manager, Doğuş Teknoloji

RPA Enabled Infrastructure Management

Murat Gölcü

Director, Data & Infrastructure Services, Eczacıbaşı Bilişim

Key Components of Highly Effective IT Infrastructure

Fatih Özengin

IT Director, Doğtaş Kelebek

Halil Aydın

Director, Infrastructure & Operations, Zorlu Holding

Emrah Bayarçelik

Deputy General Manager, IT Infrastructure & Security Systems, IST Systems

Savaş Ergen

Infrastructure & Operations Director, CK Enerji

Hamdi Kemer

IT Operations & Infrastructure Manager, SEDAŞ

The modern datacenter continues to evolve in line with evolving business demands and advancements in technology. As such, IDC is seeing notable changes within key datacenter-related technology markets like servers, storage, and networking, as well as a gradual shift to newer consolidated systems. Ultimately, for cloud to become a reality, datacenters must evolve and become more agile, enabling organizations to embrace innovative solutions that are more scalable and manageable.


IDC Cloud Awards Ceremony


Aslı Koçkal

Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, IDC Türkiye

Uğur Serkan Taşkın

IT Director, Koçtaş

Yaman Acar

Information Systems and Technology Manager, İpragaz

Akif Arsoy

VP, Engineering and Product Development,

Kemal Özcan

EVP, Infrastructure & System Management, DenizBank

Oğuzhan Yıldız

CIO, Renault Mais

Orhan Bıyıklıoğlu

Manager, Cloud Engineering, Turkcell

Hervé Basso

Director of Cloud Providers Business Director, South EMEA, VMware

Evren Ballı

General Manager, Clonera

Murat Baysal

Pointnext Country Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Cloud Cost Efficiency

1 - Arçelik - Global Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure

2 - Aygaz - Bulut Dönüşüm

2 - Milangaz - Digital Transformation Program on Cloud

3 - Gebze OSB - GOSB Buzdağı

3 - Anadolu Ajansı - Bulut Tabanlı Video Kodlama Entegrasyonu


Cloud Transition

1 - ING - CloudNext

2 - Demirören Dijital - Real Time Clickstream Analysis in Exponential Consuming Scenarios

3 - Koton - Implementing Supplier Order Portal on Public Cloud

3 - Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC - Infrastructure Remediation



1 - TOFAŞ - The infrastructure of FYA (Fiat Yol Arkadasim)

2 - Doğuş Teknoloji - Openshift Containers

2 - MNG Kargo - Dijital Kargo Yolculuğunda Teknoloji Altyapı Dönüşümü

3 - İstanbul Havalimanı İşletmesi - İGA Bulut ve Otomasyon

3 - Kiğılı - Glory


Private Cloud

1 - Turkcell - Özel Bulut Otomasyon

1 - Sigorta Bilgi ve Gözetim Merkezi - Composable Cloud

2 - Orhan Holding - Özel Bulut Geçiş Projesi

3 - Ford Otosan - Private Cloud

3 - Acıbadem Teknoloji - Cloudization



1 - Turkcell - DataScience Platform

1 - Doğuş Teknoloji - Galataport Liman Yönetimi

2 - Eczacıbaşı Bilişim - Algoritma

3 - İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi - IBB SAAS

3 - Çalık Holding - HR E- Transformation

Advisory Board

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