Elevating Security for Digital Trust and Risk Management

IDC Webinar

Nairobi, July 14, 2020


The security industry has passed an inflection point, security operational excellence now a prerequisite for every organization to function securely, efficiently, and effectively. Risk management goes hand in hand with that, quantifying security measures in the context of the business to demonstrate the business value of security.

IDC views the achievement of lasting "digital trust" as the apex — the realization of full alignment between security and business, providing a fundamental basis of trust that connects the organization, employees, partners, and customers

IDC’s Security Roadshow 2020 will provide you with the vision to navigate the security landscape of the new digital business environment.

Key Topics


Security Operational Excellence

Enterprises need to build "security by design" into company culture and outsource to fill any gaps around scale and capability.


Risk Management

A risk-driven security strategy will have greater impact and justify security investment.


Security Governance

Setting a governance model that links business objectives and security goals is key to sustaining enterprise performance.


Digital Trust

Trust is the outcome of full alignment between security and business throughout the organization, enhancing governance, transactions, and supply ecosystems.


Building Resilience

A resilient infrastructure is crucial for maintaining operations despite attacks or outages, thus minimizing risk and losses.


AI, ML, and Security Automation

Harnessing ML and AI for security automation empowers analysts to build security seamlessly into business processes.

Why Attend


Explore key trends shaping security decisions across the region


Learn about proven best practices through real-life case studies


Get inspired by the professional stories shared by industry pioneers and IDC analysts


Gain a clearer understanding of current security challenges


Engage 1-2-1 with the region's foremost ICT pioneers

Who Is It For?

The IDC Security Roadshow has been designed as an information-sharing forum and networking platform for select groups of 70–150 senior security decision makers from the most prominent enterprises in each country.
Every year, IDC conducts surveys and collects feedback from our event audiences. As such, the agenda is guaranteed to reflect the most pressing global security challenges, while also addressing the current needs of the local market and providing ample scope for in-depth and engaging discussions.


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Elevating Security for Digital Trust & Risk Management

The changing face of technology, brought about by digital transformation (DX) and the leaps in how business is done, necessitates a shift in the perception of enterprise-wide IT security. If the past decade has shown us anything, it's that no organization is immune to cyberattacks. The proliferation of handheld devices, cloud-based platforms, and remote access points has significantly increased the vulnerability of organizations to such attacks. Indeed, experience has proven that enacting a radical shift in an organization’s approach to cybersecurity is the only way to evolve at speed to preempt these risks. Deploying emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and big data analytics for an advanced behavioral analytics framework that is both proactive and predictive.


Unforeseen Consequences of Digital Transformation

Enterprise-wide breaches and corporate hacks, particularly those that lead to personal information being compromised, have become a very real threat that organizations must prepare for. With the rapid digitalization of products, services, and channels, ensuring trust in the digital estate among customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders is becoming increasingly critical to securing a brand's reputation.


Designing Security for a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment

As public cloud adoption increases, many organizations are shifting towards a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Addressing security for such an environment is challenging and requires a holistic approach. Securing private clouds, validating the security of public cloud services, and ensuring compliance with data sovereignty models are just some of the key elements that must be considered when pursuing a multi-cloud strategy.


The Threat Hunting Challenge: Detect, Prevent, Respond and Hunt - Every Second, Every Day

Antivirus is dead and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) technologies pick up where antivirus technologies leave off.In this session you will learn how EDR provides rich forensic data, mitigates threats, performs network isolation, and auto-immunizes the endpoints against newly discovered threats. You will understand why EDR should be an essential part in every Endpoint Security Strategy.


Tackling Today's Threat Landscape : Next Generation Security Operations

The use of legacy security solutions and the hiring of more security experts are now inadequate as attackers act and evolve much master than ever before. Given that digital trust has become essential for organizational survival, the utilization of SOCs has now come under the spotlight. This session will explore how organizations can monitor threats in real time and respond quickly to incidents by giving security teams the power to use sophisticated quantitative methods to gain insights and prioritize efforts. Such analytic-driven methods and solutions enable organizations to shift from reactive to proactive and predictive security postures.


Cyber Resiliency: Recovering from a Security Breach

Too often, organizations focus on guarding against a very specific type of cyberattack or cyberactor. This narrow focus can put them at risk because cyberattacks take many different forms and attackers may have a variety of motivations, techniques, and even platforms from which to launch their attacks. For example, an attack may be launched by a nation state as a weapon, an insider with an ax to grind, or a hacktivist is ideologically rather than financially motivated. A cyberattack launched by an insider is one of the most difficult to defend against, particularly as insiders tend to have physical access or full knowledge of the infrastructure. This session will show how a good strategy takes all these possibilities into account.


Panel Discussion: Security Strategies for the Digital Era: Reshaping Security Using Digital Transformation

With organizations stepping up their drive towards digital transformation (DX), security strategies are becoming an increasingly key factor in the DX formula. Organizations wanting to preserve the integrity of their digital systems from both internal and external malicious actors must enact a radical shift in their approach to cybersecurity. Building skillsets, developing DevSecOps, and defining new KPIs to measure efficiency are just some of the steps organizations need to implement to optimally preempt and manage risk.



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