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We are now entering the next phase of cloud adoption where enterprise applications are moving to the cloud and IT organizations need to handle multilayer applications in complex Multi-Cloud operations as well as well as dynamic cloud native applications on the same platform. Typical challenges that arise include deciding which workload should be placed in which cloud, what the criteria are for deciding workload placement, how to govern cloud usage and ensure regulatory compliance, how to gain visibility into the performance of cloud services, how to secure enterprise applications and cloud native applications, and how to enable cloud based innovation from edge to core to cloud and drive the right level of connectivity.

To deal with these challenges successfully, IT Organisations should look not only at the technology evolution and select the right cloud providers, cloud operating model, and target architecture, but also at the development of skills and the cultural change that follow the change in technology platform.

The Africa edition of IDC's Cloud Roadshow will review industry trends and provide you with an opportunity to look at the ways companies can move from islands of innovation to cloud-based operating models at scale and drive a cultural evolution to speed up innovation and business transformation.


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Welcome Address

Mark Walker

Associate Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa, IDC

IDC Keynote: The Path Ahead for Cloud: Digital Infrastructure Delivers Innovation in a Digital-First World

Richard Villars

Group Vice President, Worldwide Research

In our increasingly digital-first world, emerging technologies continue to disrupt the way business is done, and enterprises looking to compete in today’s marketplace are fast realizing that cloud is the platform that enables the fastest access to these innovative technologies. This session will showcase why a dynamic, scalable, and resilient cloud-based digital infrastructure that is deployable anywhere will be the digital foundation that drives the Future of Work, data management, customer experience, and digital innovation.



The Cloud Conundrum

Rowen Grierson

Regional Sales Director Sub-Saharan Africa, Nutanix

We have all heard that cloud comes in different shapes and forms, including public, private and multi or hybrid cloud. We also know that there are different adoption strategies such as 'cloud first.' But what has worked, and what has not? What do we know about the successes, failures, or experiences organizations have had on their cloud journeys? The session will examine the answers to these questions and highlight how the agility and flexibility of the infrastructure that supports organizations can be safeguarded. It will also showcase how organizations can adapt to any changes.

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Datacenter Optimization Within a Transition to Cloud

More than ever, datacenters must evolve to provide the agility and efficiency that accelerate business growth. Powerful technologies already exist to facilitate rapid service delivery such as cloud, high-performance computing, and big data analytics. These technologies provide huge opportunities for organizations, helping them transform their data center infrastructure to meet the requirements of today’s business while laying the groundwork for a next-generation data center that supports even greater business innovation and efficiency.


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Delivering Enterprise Level Agility in the Cloud Era

Today’s organizations looking to digitally transform are forced to weigh cost controls vs. business agility. Despite corporate decision makers finding a clear link between cloud computing and business agility, the main concern is still cost savings rather than potential benefits. This session will cut through the hype and present the facts about what cloud can really deliver to both IT and the organization as a whole.



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Managing Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud management makes efficient use of public cloud hardware resources in data center administration or web hosting. Hybrid cloud management permits IT professionals in complex business organizations to procure the lowest costs on hardware resources through competitive bidding across platforms. Learn more about SDN hybrid cloud management software that enhances data security, guarantees continual uptime, and ensures the continuity of business services.



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Future Intelligence: Putting Hyperscale Analytics to Work 

Hyperscale is the ability of an IT system or architecture to scale exponentially and rapidly to respond to demand that is increasingly heavily. With hyperscale datacenters, enterprises can replace individual physical components as opposed to replacing the entire server. This approach gives extreme flexibility in scaling at the physical level, as components can be added modularly. Learn more about how hyperscale datacenters are changing the game from the way hardware components are sourced to the way they are designed.


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Cloud Is the Gateway to All Things DX

In today’s digital world, the benefits of cloud are increasingly being recognized by organizations across the region. Indeed, there is growing consensus that cloud is the springboard for any successful digital transformation journey. Join this session and learn more about the benefits of cloud computing and how it has transformed doing business. Be it flexibility, agility, speed, balance, scale, shared applications and services, business continuity and disaster recovery, cloud architectures have become a key component in organizational survival and gaining a competitive edge.




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Overcoming App Modernization and Data Integration Issues Across Cloud Silos

According to IDC research, in 2021, enterprise cloud architects will recognize that operational complexity is reaching a breaking point. ITOps, DevOps, and CloudOps teams will struggle to maintain service levels, manage costs, and ensure security and compliance across loosely coupled hybrid and multicloud architectures spanning private clouds, public clouds, hosted clouds, and traditional datacenters and edge systems. This session will provide a useful array of tools and strategies to break down silos and a simpler approach to managing complexity

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Impact of DX Strategies on Infrastructure

Although DX across organizations bears certain similarities, each is unique based on their exact needs. Executives driving an organization’s DX efforts need to assess their IT investments, management strategies, implementation/integration roadmaps, talent acquisition and retention, and cloud migration/storage options to ensure a DX journey that enhances the organization’s performance on multiple fronts.


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Parallel Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)

Track A: Managing Hybrid Infrastructure
13:30 - 13:45

Digital Reinvention: Creating Value by Unlocking the Power of Your Infrastructure

13:45 - 14:00

Next-Generation Enterprise IT – Managing a Hybrid-Cloud Environment

14:00 - 14:15

Infrastructure planning for a Hybrid Multi-cloud Enterprise.

14:15 - 14:20

End of Session Raffle

Track B: Evolving Security Best Practices for Cloud Services
13:30 - 13:45

Cloud Security: The Next and Inevitable Frontier

13:45 - 14:00

Cloud Migration and Compliance: The Changing Face of Risk

14:00 - 14:15

Managing Performance, Security & Trust of a Cloud Enterprise

14:15 - 14:20

End of Session Raffle

Track C: Maximizing Agility & Minimizing Risk in Deployment and Migration
13:30 - 13:45

Impact of Cloud Delivery Models and Applications

13:45 - 14:00

Application Modernization for a Cloud Ready Enterprise

14:00 - 14:15

Enterprise IT Speed of Innovation Driven by Agile Dev-Ops Platforms

14:15 - 14:20

End of Session Raffle

Track D: Future Intelligence: Putting Hyperscale Analytics to Work
13:30 - 13:45

Digital Business Demands Data Resiliency and Business Continuity

13:45 - 14:00

Leveraging Cloud Capabilities for AI & ML Decision making

14:00 - 14:15

Enterprise IT Speed of Innovation Driven by Agile Dev-Ops Platforms

14:15 - 14:20

End of Session Raffle


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