IDC Cloud & Datacenter Roadshow 2022

Reimagining the IT Infrastructure of the Cloud Operating Model

Riyadh, November 8, 2022
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As customer expectations and technology continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, the move to cloud is becoming a strategic priority for organizations across the region. According to IDC research, 49% of CIOs across the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa believe that cloud adoption will greatly influence their plans to drive innovation and create new digital products, business models, and revenue streams over the next 12-18 months.

To ensure the most efficient implementation process possible, IT teams must take a holistic look at their cloud operating models. IT has become integral to driving business value and is now a crucial enabler for meeting business and customer expectations around speed, flexibility, cost, and reliability.

Cloud deployments will undoubtedly help organizations improve their operational efficiency over the long term, particularly those that have not yet fully optimized their technology environments. Indeed, those organizations that find themselves further down the transformation road are already realizing multiple benefits, including faster time to market, simplified innovation, easier scalability, and reduced risk. Organizations that get their operating model right can expect to see dramatic improvements in terms of target-state economics and transition costs.

Against this backdrop, the IDC Cloud Roadshow 2022 will explore how organizations can capture the inherent value of cloud by reimagining the IT infrastructure that underpins the cloud operating model. Join regional and global experts as we explain how your organization can build the right infrastructure to unleash its true innovation potential.