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  • Monika Kumar
    Group Vice President & General Manager, IDC Data & Analytics

  • Eileen Smith
    Program Vice President, Customer Insights & Analysis

Image-based vegetation management enables utilities to move to a proactive condition-based approach to vegetation management by leveraging technologies such as satellite, lidar, drones, and infrared to capture imagery that can be collected and analyzed. By using the images collected, AI-driven models can be built to predict, prevent, and prescribe action on high-risk vegetation that can cause equipment damage, power outages and, in some cases, wildfires, property destruction, and even death of utility employees or customers. Mitigating these risks through a technologically advanced approach to image-based vegetation management is gaining traction in the industry and catching the attention of many utility executives. In addition, significantly lowering operating and maintenance cost and improving safety and compliance are key metrics that can be achieved when implementing an advanced image-based vegetation management system.

Doc# US47229521 John Villali - Research Director, IDC Energy Insights