Why IDC Energy Insights for Energy as a Service

By 2025, 35% of energy utilities will drive at least 30% of their business via digital platforms based on cloud native technologies, fulfilling the evolving needs of customers and infrastructures.

Utilities' traditional business models are under attack as utilities race to reinvent their roles. Over the past few years, the utility value chain has been disrupted across all its subsegments with the advent of new technologies and emerging digital disruptors. IDC Energy Insights advises utilities how to leverage technology to create new revenue streams, create a cognitive enterprise and blend digital and physical to innovate both operating models and customer experiences.

IDC Energy Insights delivers independent, timely and relevant information to meet the needs of each client, through a continuous information service. In addition, IDC Energy Insights senior-level staff is available for proprietary consulting engagements to address specific client challenges, or to customize the results of our syndicated research offering.

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