Why IDC Health Insights for Value-Based Health

By 2024, the proliferation of data will result in 60% of healthcare organizations' IT infrastructure being built on a data platform that will use AI to improve process automation and decision making.

The digital mission in healthcare is to create a value-based health system that is focused on shifting from sick care to health care with an emphasis on preventive care and population health management. Financial incentives must be aligned with reimbursement strategies moving away from volume-based models to outcomes-based models. The ability to operationalize clinical and financial data and information will help healthcare organizations create a competitive advantage. Consumer centricity also plays a key role in value-based healthcare, as consumers assume greater responsibility for out-of-pocket expenses and better managing their own health through a variety of consumer engagement initiatives.

IDC Health Insights delivers independent, timely and relevant information to meet the needs of each client, through a continuous information service. In addition, IDC Health Insights senior-level staff is available for proprietary consulting engagements to address specific client challenges, or to customize the results of our syndicated research offering.

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