Why IDC Retail Insights for Experiential Hospitality, Dining and Travel

By 2025, 75% of operators will implement systems to accept modernized payments, with 15% also accepting cryptocurrencies through decentralized marketplaces, increasing loyalty by 20%.

Hospitality, dining and travel organizations are prioritizing guest experience and efficiency as each industry continues to evolve to be digital-first while maintaining a service-oriented culture. This journey requires a blend of hyper-personalization with mobility and connectivity driven by real-time and consistent access to data. IDC’s Hospitality & Travel Digital Transformation Strategies program advises operators how to develop technology strategies and prioritize investments to create seamless journeys, improve guest and employee experiences, and drive efficiencies and profit across the enterprise.

IDC Retail Insights delivers independent, timely and relevant information to meet the needs of each client, through a continuous information service. In addition, IDC Retail Insights senior-level staff is available for proprietary consulting engagements to address specific client challenges, or to customize the results of our syndicated research offering.

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