Why IDC Retail Insights for Creating the Omni-Experience Customer Engagement

By 2024, 25% of the customer data utilized to drive personalized experiences and improve omni-channel merchandising, marketing, and service intelligence will be sourced from shared customer data hubs.

The current retail experience exists largely in separate and disconnected domains. Digital transformation will streamline the customer journey, allowing for it to begin and end on any device, in any channel, at any point. IDC Retail Insights advises retailers how to leverage technology to reduce latency, eliminate friction points, and improve the customer experience.

IDC Retail Insights delivers independent, timely and relevant information to meet the needs of each client, through a continuous information service. In addition, IDC Retail Insights senior-level staff is available for proprietary consulting engagements to address specific client challenges, or to customize the results of our syndicated research offering.

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