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IDC’s IT Executive Programs consist of a family of research programs intended to help today’s time-constrained technology professionals make more effective technology decisions.

Customer Testimonials

I consider IDC to be a partner. They exhibit incredible customer service – they are basically an extension of my research team. Having partners with customer relationship services where someone knows my team’s agenda, knows what we are looking for and without being prompted sends us analyst reports that support our needs – that’s how a partner acts – that applies to IDC.

The analyst was knowledgeable and informed. He answered the questions asked and provided great insights. We had another call with a different research firm and it was not nearly as informative as the call with IDC. We greatly appreciate the analyst call and interaction!

Our inquiry call was very good and provided a lot of useful information. I really liked the duration as it didn't seem rushed and it was nice to invite my managers to join the call.

I feel our calls are very engaging with IDC and they are covering the material that interests us. Our client service representative is a master at nailing down the right analysts for our calls, often scheduling the call with two analysts when needed.

It has been a pleasure working with the team at IDC. They understood us quickly, and they made the whole process look easy. The team has great knowledge of the ecosystem and its players, and they were always available to help us understand the nuances and the approach that we needed in order to engage better with our customers.

There are three main reasons we work with IDC: 1. There's a genuine interest to give us expertise and guidance. 2. Their responsiveness to my feedback. 3. We refined the scope of our needs significantly, not only did they tolerate my request, but they helped me sharpen the offering.

We are in a niche area of healthcare. It is hard to find insights from a 3rd party beyond what we can find on our own. IDC is one of the few that can do that for us. We look for partners in thought leadership, and IDC is great in working with us on that.

I didn't realize until I entered the buying cycle with IDC the breadth of coverage that existed.

IDC is helping us move off of our mobility initiative. We are impressed with the analysts so far and like the outline. They responded to our input on what we'd like to see. The flexibility with what we need is great.

We've had a great experience with IDC so far. IDC has been overly available and very proactive in making sure we understand how to reach our account rep, schedule time with analysts, and use the website.

IDC allows you to have a handful of people participate on analyst calls. That additional flexibility is a key reason we work with IDC.

IDC's analysts are exactly the kind of resource that keeps IDC at the top of our list. Today's call was the best analyst call I've had in years.