Built on decades
of experience

Our methodologies are built on decades of experience observing and analyzing technology markets.

Our success stems from how our analysts gather and structure inputs, apply rigorous multilevel analysis, and generate forecasts that inform IT strategy and planning.

The Right Mix of Research Assets

Our core research assets combine the power of data, technology, and analyst expertise.

Thousands of Inputs

From IDC surveys, CIO interviews, economic data, demographic data, financial reports, with and much more

Technology and Vertical Analysts

Work together to map IT segments and lifecycles to industry-specific processes and priorities.

Data Scientists and Technical Teams

Run multiple analyses and quality control checks, reconciling national, regional, and global data.

Proprietary Tools and Delivery System

Enable multifaceted views for visual and data-centric QA, analyses, and planning.

Global Product and Production Leads

Ensure consistency and quality via standardized taxonomies, processes, and controls.

A Process to Make a Physicist Proud

Refined and improved over decades, our processes put our assets to use. They start with basic principles and taxonomies, proceed with multilayered analyses and controls, and end with actionable data sets.

Data That Mirrors Reality

Building data sets form the bottom up, we use in-depth knowledge of technology and vertical markets at the local, regional, and global levels to drive systematic assessments of size and growth.

IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis data sets

  • Are constructed bottom-up with regional/country, industry, and technology analyst participation
  • Use standard methodology, taxonomy, and inputs across all countries and are reconciled with existing IDC data
  • Leverage supply- and demand side-pricing structures, vendor revenues, technology adoption rates, attach rates, and survey data
  • Build on third-party data, including extensive analysis of demographic and economic data
  • Supply standard forecasting tools based on comprehensive analysis of Supply and Buyer adoption