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Connectivity is the common denominator in how people, things, applications, and processes interact. For consumers and organizations, increased reliance on digital engagement requires ubiquitous, reliable, and robust connectivity. But, as digital interactions continue to increase, it is clear that connectivity is not yet seamless or pervasive. According to IDC's Future of Connectedness survey (July 2021), nearly half of enterprises surveyed believe that their connectivity strategy across network, IT and operations is reactive at best, and they struggle to adapt in real time to changing business needs.

Organizations need to address this unevenness in connectivity across different environments and locations as employees and consumers increasingly expect consistent digital experiences supported by ubiquitous, reliable, and robust connectivity.

IDC Best in Future of Connectedness North America Awards

IDC is seeking applications that showcase transformative connectivity-related projects and initiatives in North America for its Best in Future of Connectedness North America Awards. Specifically, IDC is looking for details on implemented initiatives (pilots or projects) that have demonstrative business benefits or outcomes. IDC's 2022 Best in Future of Connectedness North America Awards will be presented to the winning initiatives at an awards ceremony in May 2022.

This award recognizes the organization that is able to rethink the way people, things, processes and applications connect to enable a seamless and consistent flow of data to drive positive business outcomes. It also recognizes the fundamental importance of next generation connectivity, and the strategies needed to create, consume, share and manage data across the entire enterprise ecosystem. It is an enterprise-wide approach that fosters human-machine collaboration, enables new skills and worker experiences, and supports an intelligent and dynamic environment unbounded by time or physical space. The transformation of connectedness is fundamental to realizing sustainable and scalable digital transformation. As human workers operate side by side with “digital workers”, data delivered at the right time in the right place enables human workers to focus on higher-value activities.

The winner of this category must demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • Ability to deliver a Future of Connectedness solution and/or business strategy (i.e. using technologies like 5G, virtual private networks, remote access solutions, SD-WAN, deployment of mobile devices), fostering human-human and human-machine collaboration toward delivery of defined business outcomes.
  • Ability to deliver connectivity and networking solutions that provide scalable, secure access anytime, anywhere, and drive pervasive experiences for employees, customers and partners.
  • Ability to demonstrate a connected environment that is intelligent, dynamic and secure, while being independent of a physical place or specific time of day, enabling access to corporate resources and supporting collaboration with an agile and dynamic approach.
  • Ability to deliver an environment that allows the enterprise to maintain business operations in light of disruptive events including cyberattacks, pandemics and natural disasters. With pervasive and reliable connectivity, organizations remain connected during a crisis to deliver in accordance with their SLAs and maintain business operations.
Primary requirements of all nominations are:
  1. Must be a Future of Connectedness initiative as defined by IDC.
  2. All nominations must be in production with existing customers/users.
  3. Must be able to articulate and show key performance indicators to ascribe value to completed project.
  4. Note: IT Vendors and Technology Consultants do not qualify for the IDC Future Enterprise Awards. Vendors may instead nominate completed projects on behalf of their clients. Please provide confirmation from the client that they wish to participate in the awards program.

The IDC Future Enterprise awards program is focused on identifying those organizations who have successfully leveraged technology within their entities to address one of the nine key C-Suite agenda items of the digital economy. While we recognize many leading edge technology projects are taking place in organizations that supply technology to the market (e.g. IT suppliers/technology vendors and their channel partners), this awards program is focused on organizations where the primary means for generating revenue is not from technology products or services.


Deadline for completed nomination forms is December 15, 2021.

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Award Categories

  • People

    The Future Enterprise needs seamless and pervasive connectivity to ensure its employees, customers and partners can conduct business efficiently, share data and information effectively, and ensure robust digital experiences for its stakeholders.

  • Things

    Increasingly, organizations are connecting assets to provide data to understand context better and inform business decisions. In the Future Enterprise, seamless and pervasive connectivity allows for the reliable exchange of information from the "things" to inform the decision makers in real time.

  • Applications

    The data created, transported, and used by applications is tremendous. This exchange of information within and between applications is critical, but also requires that proper access to sensitive data is maintained.

  • Processes

    The Future Enterprise will be looking for ways to make processes more efficient and cost effective and ensuring sufficient connectivity is a key part of this equation.

Apply for the Best in IDC Future of Connectedness North America Awards