IDC Future of Trust

With Trust emerging as a paramount concern for organizations and consumers, business leaders and technology suppliers must expand their understanding of Trust and its importance to success in the digital transforming economy. Customers have an expectation of genuine ethical and moral compass of any company with whom they do business. Businesses, in turn, need to demonstrate transparency, accountability, authenticity and trustworthiness at scale by leveraging relevant technology.

IDC Future of Trust Awards

IDC is seeking applications for successful Future of Trust projects and initiatives in North America for its Best in Future of Trust Awards. Specifically, IDC is looking for details on implemented initiatives (pilots or projects) as opposed to ideas or planned initiatives. IDC's 2022 Best of Future of Trust Awards will be presented to the winning initiatives at an awards ceremony in March 2022.

This award recognizes the organization that can maintain the Trust amid the evolving needs of its customers. The role of IT in maintaining the Trust of customers and other stakeholders in their enterprises has historically centered on preventing cyberattacks and data breaches while helping business leaders achieve regulatory compliance. As the digital transformation age unfolds, however, many are pursuing initiatives focused on customer experiences and empathy at scale, enterprise and ecosystem intelligence, smart and autonomous devices, and other efforts that introduce new Trust threats, challenges, and opportunities.

The winner of this category must demonstrate the ability to create and implement strategies and structured approaches to building trust through at least one of the following:

  • Effective risk assessment (visibility) & management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Proactive privacy
  • Ethics, and social responsibility
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Transparency (good governance)
Primary requirements of all nominations are:
  1. Must be a Future of Trust initiative as defined by IDC.
  2. All nominations must be in production with existing customers/users since January 2019.
  3. Must be able to articulate and show key performance indicators to ascribe value to completed project.
  4. Note: IT Vendors and Technology Consultants do not qualify for the IDC Future Enterprise Awards. Vendors may instead nominate completed projects on behalf of their clients. Please provide confirmation from the client that they wish to participate in the awards program.

Deadline for completed nomination forms is August 30, 2021.
If you have questions regarding your entry, please contact Heather Ball at

Apply for the Best in Future of Trust Awards


Award Categories

  • Trust-enabled Commerce

    Trusted-enabled commerce provides the "fuel" in the form of highly granular personal and customer data that enables companies to deliver highly differentiated products, services, and experiences.

  • Trusted Eco-Systems

    Trusted ecosystems are based on proactively managing and ensuring integrity in all transactions with ecosystem stakeholders including customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

  • Trusted Governance

    Trusted governance starts internally, then spans to the ecosystem, which extends to trusted commerce with the world at large.

Apply for the Best in Future of Trust Awards