About Strategic Sourcing and IT Procurement

IDC offers the world’s leading price benchmarking service with a core team of analysts helping IT buyers drive savings and efficiency in IT investments and partnerships.

IDC Approach

IDC is a trusted advisor for deal validation and a recognized benchmarker for hardware and service providers.

Our Sourcing Advisory Services (SAS) blends seamlessly with our world-class research offering, creating features that stand out from the competition.

We remain 100% objective on all engagements, which allows for a higher velocity of IP exchange and more available data for future benchmarks.

IDC Differentiators & Research

Our clients have access to the world’s largest database of peer deals and usage data for hardware, software and service.

Senior Account Managers provide concierge-level access to benchmarking data and market intelligence and quicker turnaround times on requests.

IDC SAS Tools are rountine Best Practices for large businesses and governments and our benchmarks drive independence and transparency in vendor management.

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Our written deliverables allow clients to utilize the findings and recommendations in internal discussions and external vendor negotiations.

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IDC Sourcing Advisory Services’ tools drive measurable savings within global sourcing and procurement organizations.

  • Relationship & Inquiry

    Dedicated Customer Relationship Managers for all requests.

    On-demand response to client inquiries related to vendor product and pricing strategy, product and price positioning, price trends, sourcing best practices, and more.

  • Deal Reviews

    Tactical intelligence on individual deals and vendor proposals – on-demand response delivered within three to four days.

    Covers hardware, software and IT support services.

  • Formal Benchmarks

    Dedicated projects, complex deals like major ELA renewals, managed service benchmarking and multi-vendor analysis.

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