3D Printing Adoption Begins
to Break the Mold

IDC defines 3D printers as those which enable the creation of objects and shapes made through material that is laid down successively upon itself from a digital model or file.

IDC’s 3D printing research analyzes the explosive market opportunity around 3D printing and provides insight on the potential disruption to traditional manufacturing.

  • Opportunity sizing for 3D printer hardware
  • The aftermarket opportunity of materials and services for 3D printers
  • Mainstream market adoption drivers and trends

Core Worldwide Products and Services

3D Printing

*Additional regional research available

IDC Predicts...

By 2019, the 3D printed metals market value will triple to over $1B 

By 2021, 10% of new part designs will be "smart parts" created by multi-material 3D printers

By 2021, 3D printing will start to supplement service parts inventory levels, and warehouse space for parts will begin to decline