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Jul 2015 - IDC TechScape - Doc # 255573

IDC TechScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Connected Products Technologies, 2015

Table of Contents

IDC TechScape Figure

Figure: IDC TechScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Connected Products Technologies, 2015

In This Study

Technology Markers of Momentum

Table: IDC TechScape: Connected Products Technologies

Table: IDC TechScape Technology Markers of Momentum

Technology Descriptions

Autonomous Operations

Figure: Autonomous Operations Markers of Momentum

Remote Operations

Figure: Remote Operations Markers of Momentum

Big Data Analytics and Data Lakes

Figure: Big Data Analytics Markers of Momentum

Applications and Services Delivery

Figure: Applications and Services Delivery Markers of Momentum

Wireless Sensing and Locating

Figure: Wireless Sensing and Locating Markers of Momentum

Human Machine Interface/User Interface

Figure: Human Machine Interface/User Interface Markers of Momentum

Low-Power WiFi

Figure: Low-Power WiFi Markers of Momentum


Figure: Security Markers of Momentum

Enterprise Cloud

Figure: Enterprise Cloud Markers of Momentum

Digital Billing

Figure: Digital Billing Markers of Momentum

Fourth-Generation Cellular Communications

Figure: Fourth-Generation Cellular Communications Markers of Momentum

Integrated Mobile Devices

Figure: Integrated Mobile Devices Markers of Momentum


Figure: WiFi Markers of Momentum


Figure: Bluetooth Markers of Momentum

Business Intelligence and Data Management

Figure: Business Intelligence and Data Management Markers of Momentum

Industry Cloud

Figure: Industry Cloud Markers of Momentum

Content Delivery

Figure: Content Delivery Markers of Momentum

Wired Sensors

Figure: Wired Sensors Markers of Momentum

Technology Adoption Outlook

Future Generations of Connected Products — Drones and More

The Possibilities Ahead — Product Systems

Table: Manufacturing Examples of Connected Product Systems

Changing the Customer Experience

Business Models and Product as a Service

Tailor to Product Value, Cost, and Life Cycle

Consider the Connected Supply Chain and Smart Manufacturing

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IDC TechScape Methodology

IDC TechScape Categories and Definitions: Transformational, Incremental, and Opportunistic


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