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Jan 2018 - Taxonomy - Doc # AP43509018

IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Use Case Taxonomy, 2017: Communications Service Provider

By: Hugh UjhazyAssociate Vice President, IoT and Telecommunications, Courtney MunroeGroup Vice President of Worldwide Telecommunications Research, Curtis PriceProgram Vice President, Infrastructure Services, Elisabeth Rainge

Table of Contents

IDC's Worldwide Communications SP DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Taxonomy

Figure: Digital Transformation Primary Segments for Communications Service Providers

IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Taxonomy

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Taxonomy Changes for 2018

Taxonomy Overview

Understanding and Using IDC's Digital Transformation Taxonomy


Telecommunications and DX

Digital Mission: Support and Enable Diverse, Connected Communities

Strategic Priority: Omni-Experience Customer Engagement

Program: Enabling Innovation Platforms

Table: Enabling Innovation Platform DX Use Cases

Digital Exploration Program: Hyper-Personalized Engagement

Table: Hyper-Personalized Engagement DX Use Cases

Program: Autonomic Conversational Engagement

Table: Autonomic Conversational Engagement DX Use Cases

Next-Generation Customer Care

Table: Next-Generation Customer Care DX Use Cases

Strategic Priority: Omni-Channel Commerce

Program: Seamless and Frictionless Commerce

Table: Seamless and Frictionless Commerce DX Use Cases

Program: Intelligent Fulfillment and Returns

Table: Intelligent Fulfillment and Returns DX Use Cases

Strategic Priority: Operational Scale and Agility

Program: Skills Transformation

Table: Skills Transformation DX Use Cases

Strategic Priority: Digital Supply Chain Optimization

Program: Extended Planning

Table: Use Case Detail for Extended Planning Program

Program: Digitally Optimized Fulfillment Operations

Table: Digitally Optimized Fulfillment Operations DX Use Cases

Program: Secure and Compliant Supply Chain

Table: Secure and Compliant Supply Chain DX Use Cases

Strategic Priority: Communications SP Platform Availability

Program: Digital Innovation

Table: Digital Innovation DX Use Cases

Efficient Platform Operations

Table: Efficient Platform Operations DX Use Cases

Strategic Platform Management

Table: Strategic Platform Management DX Use Cases

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