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Feb 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP43568018

The Future of Work: Preparing for the Digitalized Era

By: Avinav TrigunaitResearch Director

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Future of Work

Situation Overview

What Is the Future of Work?

Defining the Future of Work

Explaining the Future of Work Framework

Figure: What Does Future of Work Entail?

Defining the Three Dimensions of Future of Work



Work Culture

IDC Point of View: Building Blocks of Future of Work


Mobility as a Foundational Enabler

Figure: Deploying Employee Focused Applications Is Among the Top Priorities

Interactive, Immersive Workspaces with AR/VR

Modern Designs and the Mix of Physical and Virtual

Everything as a Service and Software-Defined

Securing and Managing the Diversity

Figure: Unified Endpoint Management


Augmenting Human Capabilities with AI

Figure: Technology Augmenting Human Capabilities

Uberization of Workforce

Work Culture

Digital-First Approach as Brand Identity

Figure: Different Stakeholders, Different Expectations

Fostering Collaboration with Coworking

Embracing Open Innovation

Figure: How Organizations Are Sourcing Innovation

Advice for the Technology Buyer

Strategy and Vision




Figure: Reimagining the Future of Work — IT

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