TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2019 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP44082418

Partner Transitioning to Transformation Phase III: Building an Incubation Business

By: Nigel ParsonsResearch Director, APeJ Partner Programs

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Building an Incubation Business

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Precursors to Building an Incubation Market

Situation Overview

A First Step: Recognizing How Your Customers Value Your Relationship

Figure: Customer Perception Matrix

Figure: Key Stages of Building an Incubation Business

Stage 1: Discovery Stages

Asset Discovery

Employee Perception Matrix

Figure: Employee Perception Matrix

Stop Giving It Away for Free/No More "Mr. Nice Guy"

Organizational Phases

The Zero-Employee Firm

Stage 2: Internally Transform

Better to Be Fast Rather Than Slow
Intellectual Asset Development

Stage 3: What to Offer?

What Not to Offer

Stage 4: Review and Improve

Figure: ZEF Foundations
Automation of Operations
Hiring Staff with the "Right Stuff"
Digitally Born
Commit to the Long View

Next Steps

Advice for the vendor, distributor, partner, and incubator

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