TECH SUPPLIER Feb 2020 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP44757419

New Transport Architectures for 5G

By: Shiv Putcha

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Transport Network Options for 5G Networks

New Market Developments and Dynamics

5G Introduces New Radio Access Network Architectures Needing Changes in Transport Networks

Distributed to Centralized to Virtualized RAN

Fronthaul and Midhaul

Figure: Simplified RAN Architecture

RAN Disaggregation with 5G Will Create a Huge Boom in Access Sites Needing Transport

Emerging 5G Technologies Will Require Greater Transport Capacity, Especially in Fronthaul

The Rise of Latency-Sensitive Applications Will Drive Further Capacity Demand in Transport

The Mix of Transport Solutions for 5g

Network Topology Will Suggest the Appropriate Transport Option

Intense Competition Amongst Vendors

Advice for the Services Provider

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