TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2021 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP45980920

Monetizing Customer Experience with Contextual Marketing: A Road Map for Communications SPs


Yash Jethani, Duncan Tan,
Nikhil Batra
Hugh Ujhazy
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Customer Experience Monetization for Communications SPs

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Drivers and Inhibitors of CX Monetization


Growth in Fixed and Mobile Data to Converge Operations Support and Business Support Systems

Growth of 5G and Edge Services

Data-Driven Culture


Data Consistency

Consistent CX and Unified Customer View

Vendor Views

Table: Monetization Solutions from Different Vendors in Asia/Pacific

Country and Operator Views

Figure: Country/Region Views on Data Monetization and AI-Based Customer Service

Figure: Country/Region Views AI-Based Customer Service

Reliance Jio Platforms: Spread Wide and the Money Will Follow

Figure: The Pyramid of Customer Contextualization for Reliance Jio Platforms

T-Mobile US: Stitch Together User Experience, Developer Experience, Operations Experience, and Authoring Experience

Telstra: Simplification with Continuous Experimentation Is Key

Telekom Malaysia and Maxis: Focus on Net Promoter Score and Go Beyond Passive Probes

Globe Telecom: Focus on End-To-End Customer Delight with Hyperpersonalization

M1: Hyperpersonalization with Digital Partnerships Is Important

Other Operators

Stitching the Supplier–Buyer Landscape from a DX and CX Perspective

Figure: CX Transformation at Three Levels: CRM, Service, and Network

Figure: Real-Time Data (Metrics) Production During the Customer Life Cycle

Figure: Offer Mapping with AI/ML and Analytics During the Offer Life Cycle

Figure: Network Mapping During the Offer Life Cycle

Advice for the Services provider

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