TECH BUYER Jul 2021 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP47790021

IDC Perspective: Use Cases and Start-Up Capabilities: Digital Twin Opportunity in Asia/Pacific Oil and Gas

By: Christopher HolmesManaging Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific, Haida Hatim

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Digital Twin Opportunity in Asia/Pacific Oil and Gas: Use Cases and Start-Up Capabilities of Digital Twin

Situation Overview

What Is the Role of Digital Twin in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Business Segments Opportunities

Digital Twin for Facilities — Subsea Production Systems and SURF

Digital Twin for Systems — Refinery and Plant Operations

Digital Twin for Wells — Navigate the Ultradeep

Digital Transformation Drivers

Figure: Technology Drivers That Will Improve Organization Operations

Top 3 Drivers for the Upstream Sector

Top 3 Drivers for the Downstream Sector

Organization Strategic Investment Priority

Figure: Strategic Investments to Achieve Industry 4.0 Initiative

Top Strategic Priorities That Organizations Will Be Exploring to Invest in Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Case Study #1 — Shell Bukom Petrochemical's Digital Twin Virtual Representation of Physical Assets Is Transforming the Way of Work

Case Study #2 — ADNOC Panorama Digital Command Center Generates Operational Insight and Provides an Agile Response to Disruption

Case Study#3 — PETRONAS Implements the Schlumberger LiveFDP Program to Maximize the Impact of Value Creation Initiatives Using LIVE DT Solution

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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