TECH BUYER Jul 2021 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP47796421

Privacy-Preserving Computation Assures Much Needed Balance in Open Finance

By: Michael AranetaAssociate Vice President, IDC Financial Insights, Eric GaoResearch Director

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Open Finance Emerges to Enable the Creation of New Value

Situation Overview

Unpacking Open Banking

Update on Open Banking

Unfolding the Promise of Open Banking Through "Data with Others"

Future of Trust and Data-To-Digital Frameworks

Figure: IDC's Future of Trust Framework

Struggle To Maintain Equilibrium

Figure: Open Finance to Achieve Equilibrium

How PPC Attains Equilibrium

Figure: Compendium of PPC Techniques

Homomorphic Encryption

Differential Privacy

Multiparty Computation

Trusted Execution Environment

Federated Learning

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: How Risk Model in Retail Lending Is Empowered by MPC

Project Background

Figure: SPD Bankļ¼ŒAnt Group Joint Risk Evaluation

Advice for the Technology Buyer

Principles That Make Open Finance Work

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