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India Cloud Market Forecast, 2022–2027


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Table of Contents

  • IDC Market Forecast Figure

    • Figure: India Public Cloud Services Revenue Snapshot

  • Executive Summary

  • Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Market Forecast

    • Figure: Public Cloud Services Market Value Comparison: India Versus APEJC (2022–2027)

    • Figure: India Public Cloud IaaS Revenue Share by Submarket, 2022

    • Figure: India Public Cloud PaaS Revenue Share by Submarket, 2022

    • Figure: India Public Cloud SaaS Revenue Share by Submarket, 2022

  • Market Context

    • Drivers and Inhibitors

    • Drivers

    • Fast Growth in DX

    • Shift Toward "As-A-Service" Consumption Model

    • Growth of Next-Generation Technologies

    • Inhibitors

    • Demand Contraction Because of Uncertainties from the Global Economic Slowdown, Russia–Ukraine War, Supply Chain Disruption, and Inflationary Pressures

    • The Rise of Dedicated Infrastructure Inhibits Organizations' PCS Spending

    • Significant Market Developments

    • Changes from Prior Forecast

    • Table: India PCS Forecast Comparison: July 2023 Versus November 2022 Version

  • Market Definition

    • Table: Public Cloud Services Defined

  • Methodology

  • Related Research