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Oct 2017 - Market Forecast - Doc # CA41961317

Canadian Internet of Things Forecast, 2017–2021

By: Nigel WallisResearch Vice President, IoT and Industries

Table of Contents

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IDC Market Forecast Figure

Figure: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue Snapshot

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Figure: No Single SKU for IoT

Figure: Adoption of IoT in Canada, 2017

Market Forecast

Figure: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue, 2016-2021

Figure: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue by Technology, 2016-2021

Table: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue by Technology, 2016–2021 (C$M)

Figure: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue by Technology Category, 2016-2021

Hardware Market

Figure: IoT Infrastructure Layers

Figure: Canadian Organizations Managing IoT Data




Software Market

Figure: Important Parts of an IoT Solution: Worldwide and Canada


IoT Platforms

Analytics Software

Figure: Canadian Organizations' Maturity in IoT Deployments

IoT Security Software

Figure: IoT Security Software Segments

Figure: Canadian Organizations Adding More IoT Security

Services Market

Figure: Visual Definition of IoT Services

Project-Based Services

Business, IT, and Network Consulting

Implementation Services

Engineering, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, and More

Ongoing Services

Outsourced, Managed Services, and IaaS/PaaS

Support and Training Services

Content as a Service/Business Services


Figure: IoT Connectivity Characteristics Vary by Use Case

Figure: Trade-Offs Between Bandwidth and Distance in Connectivity Standards

Figure: Adoption of Connectivity Standard by Canadian Organizations

Market Context

Drivers and Inhibitors


Operational Efficiency Gains

Digital Transformation and New Business Opportunities

Availability of Technologies and Market Maturity


Privacy, Compliance, and Security

Cost and Business Case Uncertainty

Significant Market Developments



Changes from Prior Forecast

Figure: Canadian Internet of Things Revenue, 2015–2021: Comparison of August 2016 and October 2017 Forecasts

Market Definition


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