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TECH BUYER Apr 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # CA43317218

Payments Trends in Canada, 2018 — In a Global Context

By: Robert Smythe, Jason BremnerResearch Vice President, Industry and Business Solutions, Vladyslav Mukherjee

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Payments Trends in Canada 2018

Situation Overview

Canada Is Finally Proceeding with Payments Systems Modernization, Including Faster Payments

Faster Payments Global initiatives

Figure: Faster Payments Implementations Globally

Payments Status and Initiatives in Canada

Figure: Canadian Payments System Current State

Faster Payments Initiatives in Canada

Canadian Payments System Future State

Figure: Canadian Payment System Future State

Figure: New Canadian Payments System Evolution

Figure: Canada Faster Payment Systems

Figure: Canada Faster Payments Timeline, 1980–2019

Figure: Canada Faster Payments Timeline, 2017–2021

Australia Payments Initiatives

Australian Existing Payments Systems

Australian Existing Payments Systems Governance

Figure: Australia Existing Systems and Governance

Australia New Payment Systems

Australia New Payments Systems Governance

Figure: Australia NPP Systems Configuration

Australia New Payments Platform Implementation Timeline

Figure: Australia NPP Timeline, 2010–2018

U.K. Payments Initiatives

U.K. Existing Payments Systems

U.K. Existing Payments Systems Governance

U.K. New Payments Systems

U.K. New Payments System Governance

Figure: U.K. Faster Payments Systems

Figure: U.K. Faster Payment System Timeline, 1996–2025

U.S. Payments Initiatives

U.S. Existing Payments Systems

The Clearing House

Figure: U.S. Payments System

U.S. Existing Payments Systems Governance

U.S. New Payments Systems Planning

Faster Payment Model Options in the United States

Faster Payments Initial Implementations

The Clearing House

RTP System Governance

Other Payments Systems

U.S. New Payments Systems Timeline

Figure: U.S. Faster Payments System Timeline, 1974–2018

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