TECH SUPPLIER Dec 2019 - Market Perspective - Doc # CA44457719

Canadian 5G Wireless Spectrum Update, 2019

By: Lawrence SurteesResearch Vice President, Communications

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Canadian 5G Wireless Spectrum Update

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Figure: Trade-Offs of 5G Wireless Frequency Bands

Figure: Role and Characteristics of Different 5G Frequencies

Figure: 5G Spectrum Deployment Parameters and Capacity in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Areas

Canada 5G Spectrum Release Milestones

Figure: Canadian 5G Spectrum Outlook Priorities

Figure: Canadian 5G Priority 1 Spectrum Release Timing, 2018–2022

Canada 600MHz Auction Results

New Licence Policies for 3500MHz

Figure: Proposed Canadian 3500MHz Band Plan

Pro-Competitive Auction Measures

Coordination of mmWave Spectrum For 5G and Satellite Services

International Comparison

Figure: Comparative Time Frame of 5G Spectrum Auction Bands in the United States, Canada, and Rest of World

Microwave Backhaul Spectrum

Table: Projected 5G Cell Site Backhaul Capacity by Location Type, 2019–2025
Figure: Regional Spectrum for Wireless Backhaul

Higher Frequency Impact on Capital Expenditures and Rollout Timing

Figure: 5G Wireless Timeline

Advice for the Services Provider

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