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Canadian Communications Market Shares, 2021: Who's Who in the Zoo 21


Lawrence Surtees
Table of Contents

IDC Market Share Figure

Figure: Canadian Communications 2021 Share Snapshot

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Share

Table: Canadian Communications Services Revenue by Segment, 2021: Comparison of Actual 2021 Results and September 2021 Market Model (C$M and %)

Communication Service Market Segment Trends

Figure: Canadian Communications Services Revenue Share Including and Excluding Wholesale by Segment, With and Without Video, 2021 (% of Contribution)

Video Segment Declining

Figure: Canadian Telecom and Video Services Revenue, 2011–2021

Enterprise TV Revenue Not a Panacea

Communications Service Provider Market Share

Figure: Canadian Communications Revenue Market Share by Provider Type, 2021

Figure: Canadian Communications Provider Market Share, 2021

Figure: Canadian Telecom Provider Market Share, 2021

Figure: Canadian Communication Service Provider Revenue, 2021

Wireless Remains Key to Competitive Position

Figure: Canadian Telecom Services Wireless Versus Wireline Revenue, 2011–2021

Figure: Comparison of Telecom Revenue Composition of Canada's Top 3 Providers, 2021

Canadian Communications Service Providers Capital Spending in 2021

Figure: Canadian Communications Capex by Segment 2006-2021

Figure: Canadian Top 5 Telecom Capex Spenders, 2006-2021

Wireline Voice

Local Wireline

Figure: Canadian Local Market Share by Revenue, 2021

Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers Remain Dominant

Figure: Canadian Incumbent Providers' Telecom Revenue, 2021
Circuit Switch Decline

Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

Figure: Canadian Retail Local Line Share by Customer Segment, 2021
Cable and IP Telephony
Table: Canadian Cable Company Revenue Sources, 2021 (C$M)
SIP Trunk Spawns New Players
Unified Communications and Collaboration

Long Distance Interexchange Carriers and Resellers

Figure: Canadian Retail Long Distance Revenue Share, 2021
Figure: Canadian Long Distance Market Share by Revenue, 2021


Figure: Canadian Data Communication Revenue Share Estimate by Provider Type, 2021

Figure: Canadian Data Market Share by Revenue Estimate, 2021

Figure: Canadian Enterprise Wireline Retail Telecom Revenue Market Share Estimate, 2021

Figure: Canadian Enterprise Data WAN Provider Share, 2021

Figure: Canadian Telecom Market by Customer Segment, 2011-2021 (C$M)

Cloud Computing and Datacentres

Fibre-Optic Networks and Wholesale Internet Transport

Figure: Canadian Principal Fibre-Optic Backbone Routes, 2021
Table: Canadian Major Fibre-Optic Network Route Length, 2021
Table: Canadian Optical Network Providers' Equipment Vendors, 2021


Figure: Canadian Residential Internet Access Connections by Type, 2021

Figure: Canadian High-Speed Internet Market Share by Provider, 2021 (% of High-Speed Subscribers)

Figure: Bell Canada Fibre-Optic Footprint Locations Passed, 2016-2021

Other Internet Service Providers

IPTV and Video

Figure: Canadian TV Service Revenue Share by Service Type and IP TV Share by Provider, 2021


Wireless Subscriber Growth Picks Up

Figure: Mobile Penetration Rates Canada and Select Countries, 2021 (per 100 Inhabitants)
Figure: Canadian Wireless Subscriber Growth, 1997-2021
Figure: Canadian Mobile Service Provider Coverage, 2021
Table: Canadian Cell Sites by Carrier, December 2021
Table: Canadian Wireless Providers' Vendors
Figure: Incumbent Wireless and 5G Networks Coverage, 2021
Figure: Canadian Wireless Market Share, 2021 (% of Subscribers)

Prepaid Versus Postpaid Subscriber Mix

Figure: Canadian Incumbent Wireless Carriers' Subscriber Share by Plan Type, 2021
Table: Canadian Unlimited Wireless Data Plans, 2021
Figure: Canadian Enterprise Wireless Provider Share, 2021

Who Shaped the Year

Rogers Proposed Acquisition of Shaw

Figure: Rogers and Shaw Combination

Rogers and Shaw Agree to Sell Freedom Mobile to Quebecor

Digital Colony Emerged as Major Player in Canada

Figure: Allstream's Corporate Lineage, 1847–2019

Digital Colony Expands Allstream's Network Presence

Market Context

Next-Generation Networks and Digital Transformation

Figure: Next-Generation Network Technology Building Blocks

Figure: Enterprise Vertical Market Use Cases for DX with Next-Generation Networks

Enterprise Over the Top: Multi-Access Edge Computing Links Wireless, Cloud Compute, and Artificial Intelligence

Figure: 5G Wireless Network and MEC Expand Enterprise DX Scope

Figure: 5G Wireless Enables Network Slicing with MEC for Massive IoT Networks

Significant Market Developments

Figure: Competition in Canadian Communications Markets, 2021

Wireline Voice Service

SIP Trunks

VoIP Also Declining

Wireless Service

Figure: Canadian Wireless Subscribers Versus Fixed Telephone Line Customers, 2003-2021

Wireless Subscriber Growth Slowed But Not Stalled

Wireless Voice Declines Pressure ARPU

Figure: Comparison of Canadian Wireless Provider ARPU, 1995-2021

Wireless Substitution

Wireless Internet Substitution

Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6 for 5G Wireless Broadband

Data (WAN) Services

IP VPN and Metro Ethernet

Table: Canadian Metro Ethernet Optical Equipment Vendors

Datacentre Networking and WAN Convergence



Internet and Video

Fibre-Optic Last-Mile Rollouts Accelerate and Enable Gigabit Internet Services

Over-the-Top Video

Regulatory Environment


SIP Trunk Forecast

Note on SIP Terms

Difficulty Reconciling Forecasts with CRTC Market Data

Market Definition

Communications Taxonomy and Service Definitions

Figure: Canadian Telecom Market Taxonomy and Key Players, 2022

Local TDM and Wireline

VoIP, Cable Telephony, and SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk

Long Distance


Wireless Subscriptions and Subscribers

Wireless Data Segmentation

Wireless Wholesale



Video Services

Figure: Over-the-Top Paid Video Services Market Landscape

Industry Sector Definitions

Table: IDC Canada Vertical Markets Map

Financial Services



Public Sector


Communications and Media


Other Industries


Telecommunications Wholesale

Company Size Definitions

Region Definitions


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Further Research


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