TECH SUPPLIER Oct 2022 - Special Study - Doc # CA49763522

Canadian Channel in Transition 2022


Heli Shah,
Dave Pearson
Jason Bremner
Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Section 1 — Overview of the Canadian Channel Community

1.1: Digital Transformation in IT Channel Ecosystem

1.2: Channel Partner Ecosystem in Canada

1.3: Business Model of Channel Partners

1.4: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Channel

Section 2 — The Need for Partner Identification and Recruitment

2.1: Technology Vendors and Channel Partners Rely on Each Other for Growth

2.2: The Importance of the Channel Ecosystem

2.3: Bringing Companies in the Ecosystem Together Through IDC's CPE Database

Figure: IDC's CPE Value — Finding Visible and Nonvisible Partners

Section 3 — Overview of IDC's Channel Partner Ecosystem Database

3.1: What Is the Channel Partner Ecosystem Database?

Figure: IDC's Channel Partner Ecosystem

3.2: Markets and Technology Covered on IDC's Knowledge Platform

3.3: High-Level View of the CPE Database

Figure: Product Deliverable Segment Examples

Section 4 — Linking CPE Database Information with the 2022 Canadian Channel Partner Survey

4.1: Company's Revenue Band

Figure: Revenue Band — Canadian CPE Database

4.2: Channel Partner's Specialization

Figure: Channel Partner's Specialization

4.3: Sector and Industry Served by Channel Partners

Figure: Industries Served by Channel Partners in Canada

4.4: Channel Partners' Predominant Business

Figure: Predominant Business of Channel Partners in Canada

4.5: Cloud Capabilities of Channel Partners

Figure: Cloud Capabilities of Channel Partners in Canada

4.6: Technology Scope by Partners in CPE Database

Figure: Technology Scope Covered by Canadian Channel Partners

4.7: Top Brands in Hardware and Software Infrastructure Resell

Figure: Top Brands for Software and Hardware Resell

4.8: Vendor Network Overlap

Figure: Partner Network Overlap Chart

Section 5 — Key Takeaways

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